The addictive power of thoughts – and how to escape

One of the articles I posted on this site ages ago that is still hugely popular is about love, soulmates and addiction.  In it I talk about how we can get the three confused and how that can really pull us away from our own power.

Scientists are slowly piecing together bits of research that really helps us understand the way that our brain works.  In this fascinating article, Hilarie Cash PhD lays the neurology of addiction bare.  She talks about the ‘pleasure pathway’ in the brain that ‘lights up’ when we experience pleasure and how an intoxicating cocktail of chemicals flood into the brain itself which gives us a rush.

So far so good, but sometimes we can ride that pathway too much.  If we do, we develop a tolerance and end up having to chase whatever it was that brought us pleasure not to experience the high, but just to keep us ticking over.  That’s the chemistry of addiction.

I think we are all very used to thinking about addictions as involving drugs or alcohol, or even some behaviours such as gambling.  But Cash’s article points out that thoughts can be addictive too and that the kind of behaviours psychologists recognise as being addictive is slowly growing as we learn more.

What does this mean?  Well, to start, I think it really clearly explains why we can find ourselves locked into thoughts or behaviours that we know aren’t doing us any good at all.  Like, obsessing over our ex.  Maybe it even explains why we carry on running old patterns or beliefs such as ‘I can’t do anything right’ or ‘nothing good ever happens to me’ even though we absolutely know ithey aren’t true and definately aren’t supportive to whatever we are trying to manifest!

It can explain why, when we begin to embrace our power and make a conscious choice to change the way that we think, it might be a struggle at first.  But it’s well worth persisting.

In another article ‘Why you might not be missing your ex after all’ I also talk about how to break out of addictions and that other research shows that we can change our brain chemistry.

All in all, it’s one of the reasons why I have made understanding a bit about how the brain works and learning to put that knowledge to work for us is such a key part of Quantum Creating.  I love the way that science, psychology and spirituality are coming together to give us a many layered guide to how we truly can step into our power.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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