The Awakening

The tragic events in Japan and New Zealand have been having a profound effect on us all. Suddenly the thought that perhaps things are shifting in our world and that we are at a crossroads has leapt to the fore.

Many people are talking about and experiencing an ‘awakening’ which I feel started to kick off during the 1999 eclipse and that has been escalating ever since. Over the past two years, it has felt as if everything is speeding up.  World events seem to be happening at a faster rate, the way things transform and even the way that we are processing everything is beginning to happen at a much quicker pace.

People are starting to examine themselves and are awakening to who they are deep down inside.

Authenticity is becoming a key issue. It is as if our lives depend on us being true to ourselves.

Sometimes this can be painful. People who have been married for years or who have had the same job or lived in the same place might suddenly have an overwhelming urge to change or do something they never thought they would or could do.

Even more importantly, however, this awakening is going to a deeper level, one that some people might find subtle or strange but one that involves realising and awakening to our unity, to the fact that we are one.

Many visionaries are writing about the essential change that is coming and how to encourage it. We are becoming very aware of the fact that happiness comes from awakening to the empathy that we feel to each other and standing together as one. We are not separate but all of us a part of the whole. By reaching out and helping others, we are experiencing a deeper kind of happiness.

I see this very much in Psychic Knight, where every day people reaching out with such love to ‘strangers’ in trouble.

It might seem as though there is a huge contradiction or a yawning gap between our need to live our truth and the desire to feel empathy for others and reach out to help them. Our souls are evolving and expanding at an astonishing rate, however, and we can achieve this.

It isn’t a smooth road by any means.  Some people might find themselves being more angry than usual and some people are rejecting others in these difficult times, but I feel it is so important to heed the call to unity and acceptance of each other, to awaken to the fact that we are love and that by our actions we have the power to transform the energy of the world.

I recently wrote an article where science proves that happiness is catching.  If we truly become the change we want to see, if we allow ourselves to spread love, a powerful change will occur to us as individuals and most of all to the whole.

It is the secret of happiness and the key to our transformation. This brilliant video of a Ted talk with Bob Thurman is just one of the many voices intent on sharing this message.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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