The Crown Chakra – our connection to the higher realm

The Crown Chakra or seventh chakra is your connection to the higher realm.  This encompasses your higher self, the angelic realms and other beings of light.  I think of it as being like a kind of umbilical chord that comes out of the top of your head and joins you to the divine and the whole of the universe.

Because you are a spiritual being having a human experience, it’s important to keep the flow of this divine energy working down through you and spreading out across your life as it helps us feel very connected to the whole that we are a part of.    

Connecting with your Crown Chakra

1/ Raise it to the heavens!  Very often we fall into the habit of holding our heads at a slightly backward tilt.  Raising the Crown Chakra towards the heavens lengthens the back of the neck and allows the shoulders to relax and the chin to drop down, reducing muscular tension and letting our skeleton assume its natural position. It might not seem like a huge thing to do, but in Chinese Medicine, this area is called the Governing Vessel or Baihui and is considered to be a very important point on the body.  Tai Chi master Yang Cheng-Fu is reported to have said that if this area isn’t lifted, you could practice Tai Chi for three decades without any real result.  The mind and the body are a linked energy system, so a change to your posture can literally result in a change of your mind as it helps you connect with the energy of the divine.

2/ Cave paintings and evidence dating back to Neolithic times suggest that very early on people drilled holes in the tops of their head.  This practice, known as Trepanning, seems brutal and crude to us today (and I’m certainly not suggesting anyone try it now!), but it was believed to relieve some physical and mental disorders.   If you feel as though your head is crammed full of thoughts that are blocking you from listening to your higher self, try the Chi Kung practice of tapping lightly all over your skull, paying particular attention to your crown chakra area.  Some Chi Kung practitioners literally grab handfuls of hair and tug them gently to stimulate the area.  This should relieve some of the immediate pressure, meaning that you can go beyond the chatter of your thoughts and connect with the quiet voice of your higher wisdom.

3/ When you are meditating, visualise a chord coming out from the top of your head and connecting you to all that is.  Alternatively, visualise a white or violet colour flowing down from the universe into this area of your head as a way of helping you strengthen this divine connection. If you like to use crystals, clear quartz, amethyst and lapis lazuli are all believed to be good crystals to use in connection with this area for opening and nurturing your link with the whole.

4/ Spending time in nature puts you at peace and in contact with the presence of the divine all around you in a profound way.  Even if you can only find time in a busy life for a walk in the local park where you can see the changing wheel of the seasons around you, it can make a huge difference to your day.

5/ The spiritual tome ‘A Course In Miracles’ tells us that a change in perception is key to recognising the miracles that surround you.  As you read that, you might think, “But a miracle has never happened to me!”  Spend some time reflecting on what you might begin to recognise as being a miracle if you altered how you view things. The very fact that you are here is an amazing miracle of creation.  In your journal, keep a note of the miracles that occur in your life to help you strengthen your connection with the universe.  Start by recognising the miracles that you might think of as being small and you’ll tune into the possibility of big ones happening. 

Remember that you are already one with the universe.  You are a unique and divine part within it.  Again, A Course in Miracles says, “Heaven is not a place or a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness.”   That perfect oneness is your birthright.  If that seems way beyond your current experience, reflect on what you might think, feel and do if you knew beyond any shred of a doubt that you are connected to the whole, that you are divine and that all love is already yours.  Notice how that changes how you view things and how you might respond as a result of that change.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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