The importance of nurturing your dreams

In one of my free video horoscopes I talked about the importance of holding on to our dreams.  It was actually in the horoscope for Gemini, but what I was talking about is really relevant to all of us so I thought I’d add a bit more here.

Right now, we are being bombarded with information about the economy and job scarcity that is frankly enough to scare anybody.  I believe that we are all souls who have made the decision to incarnate at this time for an important reason, but that doesn’t mean I close my eyes to the reality of some of the things that affect us all on our journey.

Maybe there’s one particular dream that you’ve had for years that you’ve put on the back shelf in recent times as you’ve immersed yourself in what you feel is a fight for your survival.  If I could talk to you face to face and say, please keep it alive, you might say, are you crazy or just irresponsible?  I have bills to pay.  I have things shouting and screaming for my attention.  I feel like I’m juggling eighteen balls and if I drop one of them, the whole lot will come crashing down.  Where is the space for my dream in that lot?

I believe that it is precisely because many of us are going through tough times that it’s even more important to hang on to our precious dreams.  There are so many reasons for this.  In terms of our psychic energy, our dreams inspire us and help our creativity to flow.  That gives us exactly the kind of psychic boost we need to tackle whatever is going on in our lives.

If things are tough, we are much more likely to be able to find a way through, to be creative with what we have and to leap at opportunities that we spot when we maintain our focus on things that make us feel good.  To me, there is nothing self indulgent or naive about optimism.  It’s the fuel that our spirit craves.

Life goes in cycles and waves.  There’s a season for everything, and paying attention to divine timing really helps us tap into the synchronicities that come our way when we are in harmony with the universe.  This is why I adore astrology.  I really do look to the planets to see what they say about where the energy is flowing.  It’s like surfing.  Sometimes you have to wait and watch, but then suddenly there will be a huge swell and it’s as though the whole universe shouts go go go! That’s when we want to be ready to leap on the wave, rather than going hang on, I know I put my dream somewhere, maybe at the back of the wardrobe or up in the attic.

So keep that inspirational journal or scrap book, don’t let that vision board get stale, allow yourself ten minutes twice a day when you connect with your dream and allow yourself to experience how you will feel when it comes true.  Nurture it as though it is a living, loving thing.  And if you can, do one small thing a week to keep it going.  Make one call.  Read one chapter of a book.   Do something to polish one skill.

There will always be times when your dreams compete for attention alongside all sorts of other practical concerns or areas of your life that need you.  But I would really urge you not to abandon them completely.  They represent a hugely important part of you.  They are the unique expression of who you are in this universe.

loads of love,
Michele x

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