The Lies of Attraction

If you’re working with the Law of Attraction, Cosmic Ordering or Quantum Creating, there are a few ideas that you might be hanging on to that can actually throw a bit of a spanner in the works.  Just for fun, I thought I’d call them the Lies of Attraction because they are things that we can hold as being absolutely true, necessary and right when that isn’t the case at all!  So here are the lies – and the truth of the matter!

1/ My destiny is set in stone.  This is a great big lumpen lie that can cause blockages if you swallow it!  We all have some experiences that are fated to come our way – but our destiny is in our hands and it’s shaped by evolving who we are and how we handle whatever comes.  The idea that your destiny is set in stone can lead you to think that things just come without you being involved at all and that causes all sorts of problems when it translates into sitting around waiting for things to happen and even wondering about whether you’ve missed the boat.  The truth is that we are powerful creators, actually here to evolve into our power and that in itself shapes our

2/ I create and attract from my mind.  A lot of the material I share with you involves working at a mental level, but actually you create from multiple levels that goes up as far as your spiritual connection to the whole of the universe and including your root chakra which is the energy centre in our bodies associated in part with safety and its shadow, fear.  I focus a lot on the mind, getting you to do mental exercises such as meditation or working with affirmations frankly because the mind needs to be engaged and sent in constructive directions, but it really doesn’t run the show!  You are at your most powerful when all aspects of you are in total alignment.  Trying to create from the mind when your heart isn’t engaged or when your soul isn’t in it is a much slower and more laborious process!

3/ I need to get clear on every detail of how everything is going to work out.  This is actually something that the mind might insist on but it really isn’t necessary at all.  I actively encourage people to go beyond their mind into limitless potential purely because your imagination is pretty powerful, but it’s only really a patch on the magnificence that exists in this abundant universe.  This is really down to how you want to play it.  I’ve manifested things by using detail – such as a holiday in Tobago which was somewhere I really wanted to visit.  But it’s also fun to say, this is the energy of what I want to experience and I’ll leave the detail to the cosmos!  On a
more serious note, being insistent on the detail can actually be a bit of control freakery playing out and that’s a very low level vibration to be working at.

4/ I can only be happy when I’ve got what I want.  You can be totally happy with what you have even as you are working on attracting something in – and in fact it’s important that you are.   We all get down and a bit desperate at times and you know from your own experience what a low vibration that is and how hard it is to be a conscious creator from that space.  Sometimes I see people who are working very hard to hypnotise themselves that they can’t be happy until they get a particular job or a particular person in their lives when the truth is that when you are happy, vibrant and positive about everything as it is right now, you are putting out the most powerful attractor force and things flow more easily.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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