The Miracle of Being Here

Many of us do not understand the value and pure miracle of being here. It’s only when tragedy strikes or illness occurs that we think about our own mortality, the mortality of others, or even the mortality of the planet.

Seeing ourselves as immortal allows us to be fully present in our lives, enjoying the experience without wasting too much time in the knowing that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has a return ticket home.  But it can also mean that we overlook the real miracle of the very fact of our existence.

When I was born my father was already dying and my twin sister was also born dead. This gave me a certain deeper understanding of the fragility of life which turned out to be a great gift as I understood three things – that every second is precious and that, as everyone crosses over, we will ultimately meet them again and that this life is part of a much bigger cycle.

I often call our journey here a holiday on Earth. We are here to experience separation from the whole, yet we are all one. This pain of this separation can transform into one of the greatest gifts of all a true awareness of the preciousness of life.
When we suffer some personal tragedy or find ourselves in a challenging situation, paying attention to the true reality of this life put’s it into perspective.  Your life, no matter how dark it appears at times, is a miracle.

Not only is life itself a miracle, but it’s also miraculous.  We are born into a conscious universe. Scientists have discovered that, when you look into the tiniest parts of all that we are, our very atoms, these are affected by thought. The divine truth is we are all co-creating our reality and that the miracle of life is even more profound than we can imagine.

We are here for such a short time and each and every second is precious.  Know that life wants you to experience all that there is. Waking up to the magic of it all and truly seeing the beauty and the potential in everything is a fantastic way of showing gratitude for such an incredible gift.

Much love,

Michele x

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