The Movie of your life and how to change reality.

Our thoughts and emotions play out in our mind in an incredibly complex way each day. Our mind is constantly running it’s own ‘movie’ of ideas and imaginings. Move over Spielberg!  Whoever you are, you are an extraordinarily skilled and talented movie director with the incredible ability to direct several major motion pictures that stream 24/7 simultaneously into different screens in a multiplex cinema of your mind.  And you’re doing it right now!

At least that’s what it would look like if you could actually see an outside representation of the amazing way in which your mind works.  Quantum physics gives us the ‘multiple universe’ theory that casually introduces us to the mind blowing idea that there literally are many universes, all running simultaneously, and each with a possible version of you living different versions of your life.  As yet, scientists haven’t been able to set up a way of us actually moving around them without things getting squished in a way that wouldn’t work for us at all, but the revelation of this scientific probability really does echo the way the mind itself works, particularly when you throw in Einstein’s idea that the past and present are also involved in a perpetual dancing loop around each other.

Imagine your mind is a vast cinema complex.  You walk into the foyer and see that there are ten screens, each showing different films.  And in the foyer you can see mini screens that show you what is showing on each screen at any one time.  So you take a closer look at Screen One and see you at breakfast, having your coffee and toast or whatever you had.

On Screen Two you can see playing out in glorious technicolour what was actually forefront in your mind at one point when you were having that coffee – an exciting conversation you’d had with a friend the previous week about whether you could find a way to have a dream holiday visiting the Ancient sites of Egypt.  And in Screen Three you can see yourself taking that amazing trip and enthralled in the treasures on display in the Cairo museum.  And if that isn’t enough, you can also see that Screen Four is playing a quick diversion into thinking about your planned visit to the launderette that night and probably a couple of versions of that mini-feature when in one version you go in and find the launderette empty and in another you go in and annoyingly find that all the machines are being used.  All these different thoughts go on all the time in our mind and we barely pay attention!

It all makes Sliding Doors look like a finger puppet show.

The reason why I say that you are an extraordinarily talented director is that every movie you show in your head convinces you that it’s real.  So real, that when you skip into the cinema showing the trip to Egypt, you can become so entranced that you hardly taste whatever you are eating for breakfast and might even get through the whole thing an then look at your empty plate in surprise, wondering where it’s gone.  And when in our mind you go to the launderette and find all of the machines full, you can feel a twinge of disappointment even though it hasn’t happened yet.

We become so entranced and enraptured by the films we show in the multiplexes of our minds that talking about the difference between what might be ‘real’ and what is purely a thought becomes less important than understanding that we respond to each as though they are one hundred per cent the reality that we are living out.  This is true whether it’s what we might call a memory, a fantasy, planning for the future or even a reconstruction of a memory in which we were planning for the future!

So how do we take advantage of this natural  experience? From a Quantum Creating perspective, we can actually play around with these fabulous skills.  We can elaborate on our dreams and desires in a way that allows us to capture important details of how we can make them happen and enjoy the feeling as if they have already arrived.  And, just as importantly, we can give ourselves the ability to stay totally present to whatever is happening in the present, so that we can really appreciate the incredible details in the moment.   One of the skills of abundance is being able to be present to the full richness within every moment rather than living out a psychic existence detached from what is right under our noses.

Right now it’s probably enough just to realise how many screens you might be splitting your awareness across and being aware of how that creates our experience of any one moment.  After that, the next thing we have to look at is, what kind of films do you specialise in? Every director has a favourite genre, and you might be surprised when you realise yours.  I’ll talk about that next time, but for now, take a good look at what is currently showing in your own personal multiplex and start to get aware of the effect that has on your daily mood. Your thoughts are the very focus of your energy and what your mind is playing gives you all the clues you need to where you are and where you’re going.

Loads of love,

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