The power in your vulnerability

There is a deep and profound connection between our power and our vulnerability.  Only when we are fully in our power can we be truly vulnerable, and being vulnerable connects us with our true power!

Being vulnerable is one of our primal fears and many of us will do anything to avoid it. How we relate to our own vulnerability is hugely important in terms of who we are and how we live, however.  Masking how we feel to avoid being hurt, rejected or made to feel ashamed can push us to living our lives one step away from where the authentic action is.  It also sets up a vibration of fear that means the universe cannot deliver what we really want.

There’s a huge difference between taking a risk and being reckless – the same kind of difference there is between plucking up the courage to tell someone how much they mean to us and jumping in front of a fast moving express train!  It’s also about walking a delicate line between expressing our feelings yet still taking responsibility for them.  Being vulnerable means

1/Not pretending we don’t care when we do, and that we do care when we don’t.

2/Asking for help when we need it, but not demanding that other people rush to our aid.

3/Admitting when we’re afraid, sad or scared – but not expecting anyone to rescue us.

4/Being true to our authentic selves and allowing others to be true to their authentic selves.

When we are in our power, we know that no matter what happens or what anyone does, nothing can erode or diminish that part of us that is sacred and eternal.

Much love,

Michele x

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