The power of your uniqueness

One of the quickest ways to step into your power as a co-creator is by delving into and expressing your uniqueness.

I can’t think of a better illustration of what I mean by this than showing you the evidence.  It’s impossible to watch the video clip below of this Brooklyn traffic cop without smiling and feeling inspired.  Spiritual author Dan Millman of the Peaceful Warrior books tells us that there are no ordinary moments, and to that I would add that there are no ordinary jobs, no ordinary people and no ordinary skills when we decide to let our soul shine through.  Along with that, you can see the amazing ripple effects that we set in motion when we embrace this – how we can spread love, joy and make people smile even in a traffic jam.

So where do you start?

1/ Connect with the things that bring you joy.  They are there somewhere, even if they have got buried along the way.  We all have psychic energy banks and connecting with what truly brings us joy is the quickest way to fill them up and give us loads of psychic energy to ‘spend’ on what we want to create.

2/ Find your kind.  Group psychology and findings about emotional contagion really demonstrate the importance of the company we keep.  No matter how obscure your passion, there are others out there who share it.  Connect with the people who love what you love and who inspire and support you.  They are out there.

3/ Put yourself in alignment with the flow of the universe by being a psychic energy conservationist.  We can hypnotise ourselves with the mantra ‘but I just don’t have the time’.  Keep a journal of how you spend your time just for a few days.  The results may surprise you.   Maybe there is only an hour a day that you can truly claim as being yours – how do you spend it?  Does it truly revive, refresh and inspire you?

4/ Start today, begin where you are and don’t tie yourself up in limits.   Imagine if the man you see in this video had said to himself, well, I want to be an entertainer, to bring joy and lift people’s spirits, but the only way I can do that is by getting into a Broadway musical, or television, or films.  But there’s no way I’ll get the chance to do that whilst I have to work as a traffic cop to pay the bills.  So I’m stuck and I’ve failed.

Whoever and wherever you are, there is something amazing and unique about you.  If you don’t feel as though you’ve found it yet, make this year a time of discovery by trying loads of different things and finding out what truly makes you feel good.  That’s the best possible place to start.

Loads of love

Michele x

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