The Science of getting rid of fear and worry

Sian Beilock, associate professor of psychology and head of the Human Performance Lab at the University of Chicago, has published a wealth of research that she has spearheaded into the way the mind works when we are under stress in her most recent book, Choke.

Beilock says that stress, anxiety or worry literally diverts our attention from a task or tasks that we need to get done and that means we don’t do as well as we could.  That might seem all very common sense, but in a recent interview in New Science, she suggests that one of the best things we can do to help ourselves is write down our fears and worries. In the New Scientist interview she says, ’Writing about our worries almost ‘downloads’ them so they are less likely to pop up and impact on your performance. ..In a recent paper we showed that writing about thoughts and feelings for 10 minutes before a test boosted scores from B- to B+”.

I have always kept a journal and see it as an invaluable tool in our spiritual development kit.  Make the most of this kiss of approval from science by buying two beautiful journals.  On one, write ‘Handover notes for the Universe’ on the cover, and then ease your own mind by setting aside a good half an hour each night to write in it about whatever is on your mind.  Write in full detail about what’s bothering you, why it’s bothering you and what you really fear more than anything.  Consider it handed over to the Universe to deal with and let it go.

On the cover of the other journal, write ‘Magical Manifestations’ and use this to write about whatever it is you want to attract into your life.  After you have handed over your worries, write in this journal in great and loving detail how it will feel to have what you want, what it will enable to you to share, do and be.

If you do this as part of your winding down to bed ritual, not only will you sleep more easily, but your mind will be free of fretting so that you can also trust that you’ll be given intuitive guidance as you sleep to help you in your manifestation work.  We can often wake up with creative solutions springing from that soft place where we are half way between sleep and waking up, and writing down whatever is playing on our mind and preying on our psychic energy is a brilliant way of keeping our own coast clear for our mind and souls to work hand in hand for our highest good.

Loads of love,
Michele x

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