The Soul Collective and Our Unique Place Within It

It seems to be a paradox to say we are all the creators of our own reality and then talk about our place within the collective. Surely this represents a contradiction? One of the main criticisms levelled against the Law of Attraction and books such as The Secret is this very premise. It’s detractors questioning – quite rightly – whether a leper in Kolkata or a starving refugee in Africa has therefore ‘created’ their reality as clearly – nobody would choose to do so! To say human suffering is the product of incorrect thinking, something the soul has ‘chosen’ to experience or alternatively, some kind of ‘karmic’ retribution is clearly naïve, dangerous and at its heart, lacking in compassion. After all, if we tell ourselves the person has ‘created’ their misfortune themselves either as a learning experience or as punishment for some supposed past-life misdeed, then why should we help them?

Let’s tackle the karmic argument first. Buddha tells us that karma is so complex we can’t possibly begin to understand it. And that’s from an enlightened being! I believe that yes, we are all here to learn. But to believe people are being ‘punished’ in some way by suffering in this life for suffering they may have caused in another ignores the fact that each of us is a unique shard of the God energy that created this universe to begin with. We, like the universe, are created from love. Punishment without the transgressor knowing why they are being punished is not an act of love – quite the reverse! To make it simple, I look at it like this. Say you have a puppy that you need to house train. Your puppy has yet to learn to ask to go out. Your puppy also has a memory of roughly five minutes. If you leave your puppy alone for say 20 minutes and come back to find your puppy has had an ‘accident’ and you smack your puppy he would not know what he had done to deserve being punished. He would be bewildered and think you were being cruel. You can only tell your puppy off (and certainly not smack him) if you catch him in the act! Likewise, we have no memories of our past lives, so to be karmically ‘punished’ for a transgression in a past one by suffering in this one is unlikely to teach any lesson. Like the puppy, we have no recollection of wrong-doing.


To say we are the sole creators of our own reality ignores the fact we are certainly not here alone! We are surrounded by seven billion souls in human form and countless others in other forms. This is the world that we inhabit. We are a part of this collective and clearly, this reality impacts on us in many ways. I believe that the way to personal empowerment and via that, raising the consciousness of the collective, lies in us all taking responsibility for our own lives. But there is a vast difference between taking responsibility for your life and ignoring the fact that bad things happen to good people and that some things are beyond our control.

By looking at the world this way, we then don’t have to feel bad when we encounter setbacks on our path or when bad things happen to us by feeling we ‘created’ them. And by accepting this, we are therefore in a better position when negative experiences happen, to respond to them from a place of confidence and power rather than feeling like a victim. And by acknowledging that even when we are on the way to manifesting a better life for ourselves we encounter negative people and set-backs, we then have compassion for others who are suffering rather than seeing them as having done something to create or deserve it.

Unified Field Theory points to the fact we are all in fact one. But we exist in this plane as individuals. The more of us who attain our goals and live happy and productive lives affects this field and via it the soul collective. In other words, happy people create more happy people. As part of the process we need to acknowledge that sometimes events will occur to slow us down or put a dent in our happiness – but we need to see this as part of life just as each of us has our own part to play in the evolving consciousness of this planet.

The biggest step we can take to create a change in the world begins with ourselves. When we look at it this way, focussing our attention on our goals isn’t an act of selfishness. It’s an act of humanity.

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