The Soul Drain. How Emotional Blockages Hold Us Back

It’s easy to de-clutter our closets but what about our internal wardrobe? Very often they are stuffed with old emotional clutter – feelings of guilt, inadequacy, rejection and old beliefs that keep us stuck and rooted in a past which no longer represents who we are or what we are capable of.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your wardrobe because it’s stuffed full of things you no longer need or even suit you – think of emotional clutter in the same way. It prevents you from seeing what is possible for you and to realise your potential.

Over the years, I’ve learned there are a few signs to look for that tell us we need an emotional de-clutter and what to do.

Relationships aren’t living up to your expectations. Do you wish your friend would take the initiative sometimes and suggest things for you to do together or that your partner should take out the rubbish without you having to nag them?  The problem with this one is that no matter how close we are to someone they are not mind readers. If you’re not verbalising what you need the other person has no idea they are messing up. Also, you are becoming so focussed on what they are not doing you are missing all the lovely things they do do for you! If there are no positives then perhaps it is time to let go with love and reclaim your life. We are all different and each of us has different expectation in love. If you are stuck in a pattern (same love making, watching TV every night at 8pm, same venue Friday night) do something different and this could shift the whole dynamic of your relationship and release the block!

What you ‘should’ do makes you miserable or resentful. Just as expecting that people close to you ‘should’ behave in a certain way if they love you, ‘should’ isn’t a good motivator for you either. Rather than bowing to ‘I should’, next time you feel you HAVE to do something but don’t want to – stop. Take a few moments to think about what you really want to do – and why. Then follow your own instincts when going forward.

You feel guilt or heartache every time you see that name in your contact list. Broken romances, relationships that ended on a sour note whether personal or professional, are sadly part of everyone’s life. The only thing that heals the pain of a severed soul connection is time and distance. So, do yourself a favour. Delete them from your contact list. Un-friend. Un-link. Un-follow. If the universe wants that person to return to be part of your soul path, they will. In the interim, you don’t need to know what they are up to if it reminds you of a past hurt.

Lastly – the big one.

You have uncompleted projects or steps you’ve not taken towards your goals.

Our goals are essential to living an authentic life. We have our dreams for a reason – they are clues to our soul purpose. Very often we start to take steps to realise those goals but fall by the wayside. When we fail to complete something that was a major step towards our goals we are left with nagging emotional guilt as well as possibly physical reminders of what we’ve failed to achieve – that half-finished manuscript, course materials for that extra qualification, the camera you’ve not picked up in months after deciding you were going to be a National Geographic photographer. If this sounds familiar then today – yes, TODAY, take some time out to make a list of your unfinished projects and goals. Then review these. Have any of your goals changed? Because often they do over time. If this is the case and this goal no longer has meaning for you, don’t be afraid to discard it. Be at peace with this decision. You’ve de-cluttered something major that was just hanging around draining your energy. Now set yourself a new goal that’s appropriate to who you’ve now become. If however, the project still infuses you with excitement and passion, it’s now time to work out ways to schedule it in – even if it’s just 10 minutes a day to start with. Small steps lead to big achievements.

Emotional clutter literally ‘clutters’ our way forward, blocking our path, draining our energy and preventing us from seeing the way to our goals. By following some simple steps to rid ourselves of emotional clutter we allow the abundant energy of the universe to flow freely again and clear the way towards living a more authentic, expressive life that reflects who we truly are.


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