Quantum Creating: Avoiding the Spiritual ‘F’ Word Trap

Quantum Creating

Avoiding the Spiritual ‘F’ Word Trap

Some of you – either fire signs or else Geminis, have probably jumped into this article certain they know which ‘f’ word I am talking about. Well, actually there are three and none of them are probably the one you are thinking of. I’m talking about Failure, Flailing and Forgetfulness. These three ‘f’ words are often the cause of us becoming discouraged and ultimately de-railed from achieving our goals. In addition to being the amazing sparkly, unique beings we are destined to be. They usually work as a team with us first encountering one which leads us straight on into am ambush by the other two.

It goes like this; you have been reading all about Quantum Creating techniques here on MK or else have attended a workshop or read an inspirational self-help book. You are now psyched, empowered and very, very clear about what it is you want to achieve and how you intend to do it.

The Process

You jump out of bed in the morning declaring:

‘The universe wants me to experience abundance and happiness in every area of my life!’

From that point on your day just seems to be filled with happy synchronicities. Songs on the radio that speak directly to you, lucky breaks, people going out of their way to be helpful and wonderful, sparkly thinly-disguised messages from the universe clearly designed just for you to let you know you are now on the right track. Does this sound familiar? You feel fabulous and the world reflects back this fabulousness and you know that nothing now stands in your way between you and your goals. We’ve all been there. Sometimes this lasts for several days or even weeks.

So, why didn’t it continue? What stopped the process? What went wrong? Chances are you got ambushed by one or more spiritual ‘f’ words. Probably one of the more sneaky ones like Flailing or Forgetfulness. These two set us up for the real ‘f’ word – Failure. Recognising that we’re the victims of a spiritual ‘f’ word mugging is the first step to getting ourselves back on track towards our goals. So, what are the symptoms?


You’re diverted from your path, your creativity is low and so is your energy. You thought you knew what you wanted. But suddenly you find yourself questioning the validity of your goals or even if they are practical to achieve. The steps you have to take to get what you want now seem overwhelming.


Usually arrives after we have encountered flailing and wallowed around in it for a bit so our fingers have gone all pruney. We’ve forgotten our path, our passion and also the reasons why we want what we wanted. By now we may be telling ourselves that what we do have isn’t so bad. Forgetfulness can also ambush us when we re-buy into someone else’s or society’s definition of success and happiness instead of remaining true to our own. Your goals, wishes and dreams are unique to you and are a true expression of your soul’s purpose!

Why do you want someone else’s dream? Okay – for some people the dream is simply to be abundant, If that’s yours, then please stay true to it. But if your dream looks very different and does not involve what other people seem to want, that doesn’t make it any less valid. Being the unique soul that you are is a big plus in manifesting your desires. We get derailed from our path when we don’t stay true to our own personal vision.  Forgetfulness is just one short step from the big one –


This Quantum Creating stuff may work for other people but not for me’.

At this point you’re not even sure how you ended up here and you have most probably completely forgotten all those lovely signs, synchronicities and soul-boosting events you encountered at the start of your process. But the great thing is – once you recognise the symptoms of the spiritual ‘f’ words then you can quickly and easily put yourself back into the flow again!

Don’t forget – the journey towards your dreams is a goal in itself as we all learn and grow along the way. Just don’t let three ‘f’ words stop you from reaching your destination or believing that you have your dreams for a very good reason!


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