The Throat Chakra – Pathway to our authentic selves

The fifth chakra is located at the throat.  It is associated with our truth and the way that we express ourselves.  Speaking our truth with love and compassion helps us constantly negotiate a place of balance within a world in which we can often find ourselves bombarded with demands that can push or pull us away from our authenticity.

When we think about communication, we often think of it in terms of what we say or don’t say to other people.  As with love, however, communication starts with the self and how honest we are with ourselves about what we truly think and feel. Oftentimes, with many good reasons, we can think one thing, feel another and say something quite different.  The journey back to our authentic selves puts us in our power.  This is especially true if you are working with the Law of Attraction, as the universe looks beyond your words to the energy of what you really mean or what you are vibrating with.

There is always a way to speak our truth with dignity and compassion.  Sometimes we have to let go of the need to be understood and recognise that if we have spoken our truth we have done our very best and that’s all we can do.  We cannot control how others hear us or respond to what we have to say. Every single one of us has our own truths, and remembering that others are working towards speaking their own can help us develop compassion in listening.

Good communication also involves the degree to which we are able to hear what someone else is saying too.  When emotions run high, it’s easy to switch our focus on whether we have got our point across rather than whether we have heard someone else’s.  If you want to diffuse a disagreement or quickly get to clarity in conversation, pull back your energy and listen to what the other person has to say and, at the moment that you sense they feel heard, you can quietly put forward your own.  

Connecting with our throat chakra

1/Make a noise.  Making sounds, singing and chanting are said to clear the throat chakra and are the same as meditation.  That’s why so many forms of meditations include chanting or sacred sounds.  Chanting is magical, partly because it helps us focus on intention and lifts our spirits and partly because the vibration of the sound waves resonating through our body can alter how we feel.

2/If you want to meditate on this area, visualise it being bathed in a beautiful blue light as this is the colour linked with this chakra.  Good crystals include Blue Lace Agate, believed by some to stimulate and balance, or Sodalite which is thought to ground and balance.

3/Learn how to speak your truth.  Most of us have to do a lot of work to the point where we can elegantly speak our truth with compassion in a way that gets heard and can still manage to maintain a strong connection with the person we’re speaking with, so really start noticing all of the different elements that combine when it seems to work for you and when it seems to miss the mark.  Usually, when we feel love and speak from love, we get the best response, but we’re all human and we all get it wrong sometimes. 

4/When you can’t speak your truth out loud for any reason, find another way to express it.  If you live near a big park, go into the middle of nowhere and shout and sing at the top of your lungs.  Write out all of your feelings in your journal and make sure that you write a whole journey from anger, grief or rage through acceptance to compassion for yourself and anyone else involved.

5/Stay in touch with yourself.  Everything changes over time and that includes you.  Are you living out truths that have passed their sell-by date for you?  Have your tastes, preferences, thoughts and feelings changed so that you now need to integrate new things into a new you?  I have a friend who became a teacher who always jumped when the Head asked her to come into the office.  It took her a long time to realise that this was her terrified adolescent 14 year old rebel self who was used to being hauled in for being in trouble again responding.  As soon as she embraced a new truth, that she was now a responsible and more mature adult, the request no longer made her start.  What have you outgrown in your own life? What are the new truths that you need to embrace?

Loads of love,

Michele x

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