Think Like A Psychic – How To See Your Problems Differently

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Here’s a trick to help you think like a psychic and problem solve with ease!

When we have an experience we usually interpret something by our emotional reaction to it. It’s either good or bad.It is our ability to label something and then add the emotional ‘charge’ that goes along with it – which is usually based on our past experience with something similar or in some cases, someone else’s ‘take’ on it – in other words their ‘meme’, that determines not only whether we think what’s happening is a positive or negative event, but also its outcome. But the reality of any situation is that it is governed purely by our perception of it. In other words, things are not as they are – they are as WE are!

A good psychic reading

In a good psychic reading, a psychic can help show you different perspectives to see your problem with ‘new eyes’.  A psychic can see the overview rather than just the present moment. What we need to remember is that when it comes to interpreting what is happening in our lives, all experiences are neutral. They have no meaning. We give them meaning by our thoughts and our thoughts create our reality. Say for example you have deep spiritual beliefs. These beliefs include a universe that responds to your thoughts and constantly sends you synchronicities and signs to guide you on your soul path. You will see synchronicities and signs everywhere!

Someone who doesn’t share these beliefs will see nothing to support this belief system. Both life experiences are therefore determined by individual interpretation of reality. We can even take this one step further and see it being played out in the business world. 20 years ago IBM observed that nobody owned a personal computer. They concluded therefore that there was no market for personal computers. College dropouts Steve Jobs and Bill Gates looked at the fact nobody had a personal computer and saw only an opportunity. We construct our own reality by choosing how we interpret our experiences and we can choose another interpretation of what is happening in our lives at any moment!


Sometimes looking at something differently however is difficult especially if we are going through a challenging time. It’s easy to say ‘flip it!’ but harder to change your perspective if you’re in a crisis. But we need to remember that our perspective can be biased. Physicist Richard Feynman whom many regard as the father of Quantum physics used to invent new thinking strategies to get himself ‘unstuck’ when faced with a problem. He felt the secret to his genius was his ability to disregard how past thinkers thought about problems and, instead, would invent new ways to think. He was so “unstuck” that if something didn’t work, he would look at it several different ways until he found a way that moved his imagination. Genius is discovering a new perspective that you have been unable to see in the past.


Different viewpoints

So, if you’re faced with a problem, look for different viewpoints. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. How would Michelle Obama, the Dalai Lama and Lady GaGa look at this problem for example? Try to imagine how they would see it. Chances are by shifting your perspective in this way you are already seeing things differently. Draw a picture of the problem, make a model, act it out. Take a walk and look for something that metaphorically represents your problem (a synchronicity!) and look for connections between what you see and the problem. Ask friends, older and younger relatives and even strangers how they would see it. When we see something through someone else’s eyes it looks entirely different, doesn’t it? What if your situation was a person? And what would it look like? What would it tell you?

We are all uniquely gifted and creative whether we realise it or not. Don’t forget: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.



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