Third Eye Chakra – our gateway to our psychic intuition

The sixth Chakra is located in the centre of your forehead and is the gateway to intuition and psychic sensitivity.  Learning to look at the world through your third eye and tuning into your psychic potential opens you to a deeper level of mystical, intuitive wisdom and literally expands your vision, helping you to see the many layered meaning of everything in your world.

Hindus believe that this area, known as the ‘Agna’, is the very portal through which all experience is channelled.  Some forms of Tantric meditation focus on diverting the life force or kundalini energy that starts at the base of the spine and flows up through the body to the top of the head towards this area.  The third eye is believed to be such a powerful and potent area that it is traditionally adorned as part of religious celebrations with small dots of colour, called Bindhis.  Red is often used as this is the colour of Shakthi, or feminine power, and symbolises love. Sometimes a yellow mark is added alongside as yellow is linked to mental activity.

Because this chakra is so powerful, it’s important to take it very slowly when working with opening the area up as suddenly switching from ordinary vision to being able to see the whole dance of creation in an instant might be too much for most of us to handle!

Connecting with your third eye

1/ Run your fingers gently over your forehead.  You can actually feel a small indentation where the third eye is located.  How does it feel to your touch?  If it feels tense and tight, massage it gently with small, clockwise circles and visualise a beautiful indigo light vibrating through the area.  In Chinese acupuncture, this area is called the Yingtang which roughly translates as ‘hall of seal’ and when a Chinese Medicine practitioner uses a needle here, people can feel the kind of calm that comes from literally seeing things differently.   If nothing else, you may literally find that massaging this area helps clear your vision and eases any tension headaches at those times when your eyes are tired.

2/ You can also gently hold crystals against this area.  Amethyst is believed to be good for opening it up and Flourite is said by some to facilitate expansion at a very deep level – though take it slowly with this as it can bring about psychic visions.  You may find Rose Quartz very soothing and Lapis Lazuli can feel very nourishing.

3/ If you own a Tarot deck, you can also hold the High Priestess from the Major Arcana against this area during meditation.  The High Priestess symbolises feminine wisdom and intuition and the High Priestess occupies the space between this world and the veil of mysteries.

We are all born with intuition and the ability to connect with the whole of creation, and often developing our ability is simply a matter of gaining the confidence to trust in what our psychic intuition or third eye reveals to us.  From there, we work on finding grounded ways to integrate that wisdom into our everyday lives. Just simply starting to record our intuitions and impressions in our journals can help us deeply connect with that part of ourselves.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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