Time to Restore Balance – Autumn equinox

September 23rd is the day the Sun enters the sign of Libra and the Autumn Equinox. In the Pagan calendar this was known as Mabon (pronounced MAH-bawn) – the day where day and night are divided equally. Libra of course is the sign of balance as symbolised by the scales. As we head towards winter in the Northern hemisphere and summer in the Southern, this is one of those times where spiritually we can benefit from looking carefully at where our lives may be out of blanace and taking steps to restore that where necessary.

Life these days seems to be a trade-off or require us to constantly perform a balancing act in order to meet both our commitments in our lives and also to have the time to do what we want to do as well as what we need to do. Very often this leads to imbalances in certain areas which if we don’t address them, have a ripple effect into others. Balance is crucial to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing because without it we can feel as if we are running as fast as we can only remaining in the same spot or else feel we are strapped into a rollercoaster which we are unable to get off as we scramble ever-more frantically to keep pace with our busy lives.

So, as the Equinox approaches, it’s time to step back and ask ourselves four crucial questions:

1: What is your ratio of work, rest and enjoyment? Are you allowing yourself enough time to re-charge or just to go have fun? Have you taken on more than you should have? This is the time to restore the balance here – perhaps by drawing some boundaries and learning how to say ‘no’. Remember, you are no use to anyone if you are suffering burn-out or are tired all the time.

2: Are you focussing on physical wellbeing but ignoring your spiritual fitness? Are you telling yourself that looking after your body is secondary to improving your mind? Either one of these represents imbalance. On the one hand we have the stereo-typical image of the gym-junkie with the perfect abs who doesn’t take time for self-reflection other than to look in a mirror. On the other there is the person who is constantly reading, meditating and doing serious soul work but who is neglecting their body or is unfit. Neither one is a balanced perspective but we are talking extremes here. But you can have too much of a good thing!  If physical fitness is your goal you can include yoga in your workout routine to start to embrace the spiritual perspective. And if you’ve been focussed on your spiritual development and ignoring your body’s needs then its time to shift that focus and see it is via your body you are having a spiritual experience and it is your job to care for it for the work to continue! Again, even if you are unfit you can combine the physical and the spiritual either via yoga or else walking meditations and the spiritual dimension of eating right!

3: Do you spend too much time alone or else constantly have to be surrounded by others? Again, these can lead to imbalances. Alone time can be hugely beneficial as it allows us to nurture ourselves and re-charge our batteries as well as pursue creative and spiritual outlets. However, too much and we can end up disconnected from people and strangely enough, our own inspiration! Conversely, if you feel the need to be constantly surrounded by people or be out and about this can lead to you being disconnected from your own inner voice and also show that you are not comfortable in your own company. Balance alone time with the company you keep.

4: Are you substituting something for a deeper need? Do you shop too much? Eat or drink too much? Resort to self-soothing with other possibly illegal substances? Loose yourself in on-line activity, watching TV or risky behaviour? These kinds of situations show we are badly out of balance usually from a deep emotional wound or need within us that is going unanswered. It is never about the addiction or behaviour we are engaged in. We need to treat ourselves with compassion and above all, not be afraid to go get professional help if necessary to get to the bottom of what is really driving the behaviour. If we can find the courage to do that and face our demons, balance will then be restored.

Make Mabon a time of getting the blanace right and give yourself equal time alongside your commitments to do just that.



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