Time Travel and Quantum Reality

I was absolutely riveted by this video in which Michio Kaku, described as being one of the worlds most distinguished physicists, talks about time travel being a theoretical possibility.  That means that at the moment it works on paper, but scientists haven’t yet got around to trying it out in practice because they are still figuring out a few problems that have to be ironed out first.  In his book Physics of the Impossible Kaku says that time travel would devour the entire energy of a star or black hole, and also says there are questions around whether you’d actually get back in one piece!

Whilst quantum physics works towards finding these solutions,  you could say in a way time travel is something that Shamans have been practicing since well, the dawn of time!  The Shamanic journey is really about going beyond our everyday world into what’s called non-ordinary reality t- he place where multiple pasts, presents and futures weave together.  I firmly believe that this is could be how psychic readings work – that a good psychic reader is able to tune in to the cosmic web that links everything and thats what allows them to tune into the past and present, as well as future possibilities. I believe we have to shift our understanding of it to be able to find the answers. I have often wondered if UFOs do not make contact as they may be the tourists of the past coming back for a look around. I also wondered that about Orbs.

Some say that it will be a few centuries before physicists crack the formula to make time travel something that we can do (although Kaku also suggests that as the future already exists, its something that in all likelihood has already been done!) but along the way perhaps they will also discover how mystics are able to accomplish this feat that will take them so long to iron out in the laboratory.

Watch Michio Kaku talk

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