The top four manifestation mistakes – and how to put them right

The top four manifestation mistakes – and how to put them right

Whether you’re learning the Law of Attraction, sending out Cosmic Orders or immersing yourself in Quantum Creating, there are a few things that actually slow things down even as you’re working to speed them up.  Here they are – and what to do instead.

Slow down: Going against what you really want

You think you want a car, a house, a partner, a job, money, or any one thing in particular but actually, you don’t really want it at all.  There are loads of reasons why this might be.  Maybe you’re starting from what you have been told you should want, rather than being true to you. Perhaps you’re coming from a sense of lack that is making you compensate rather than consciously create.   Or you could even be operating from an old script about you (one of my earliest Cosmic Orders was a Chopper bike.  I was over the moon when I got it, but I’ve moved on since then!)

Speed it up: Keep checking in with your true self

You’re growing and changing all the time. Hopefully it means that as you go through life, you are becoming much more authentic to the fabulous, unique soul that you are with every passing year. In many ways, our journey through life involves growing into our souls.  We are at our most powerful when we are in alignment from our very souls right through to how we carry ourselves on a daily basis.

Slow down: Going against yourself

Part of you wants a partner.  Another part wails, ‘who could love me?’  Part of you wants to sing, dance, write, paint. Part of you sneers, ‘but you’re no good at anything.’ We tell ourselves that when we manifest what we want, all that internal dialogue will magically stop. Mixed messages puzzle the universe.  Imagine it’s like a person, scratching its head and saying, do they want me to bring this nearer or send it farther away?  It gets especially confusing when the parts of us that negate our order or what we are trying to manifest shout louder.

Speed up:  Take an inner journey and heal the wounds of the past

so that you can release any negative patterns in the present.  It’s like shedding a ton of psychic baggage when you do.  We are all perfect works in progress and that usually means that every so often a button gets pushed that we thought was done and dusted ages ago.  Don’t fret or sweat.  Love yourself enough to let go of the past.

Slow it down: Thinking that you don’t have to do your bit

We can polish our manifestation approach and forget that we have to come out from under the duvet and take whatever action is in alignment with what we want.

Speed it up: Study the lives of those who are already successful

in the areas you want to succeed or have what you are trying to attract and see what you can adopt from what they do. It’s especially powerful when you spend your time with people who stretch you, those you can learn from and who inspire you.

Slow down: Waiting for what you want to arrive

Not getting on with your life but going into limbo. This just tells the universe that you like waiting, so it will helpfully make sure you get loads of it.  It’s also a really big no no to insist that you can’t be happy until you get what you want.

Speed it up

After you’ve done the manifestation work, the inner work and your bit that relates to whatever you are working to draw into your life, get on with the rest of your life.  In particular, do things that bring you happiness, joy and fulfilment.  That benefits you and the universe loves those feelings!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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