Transform your reality by loving yourself

Every thought we have sends out a calling signal to the universe.  You might know that in your head and forget to make it real in your heart.  You can plague and pollute your own mind with negative streams of thoughts in which you literally talk yourself down. And you might be acting as a host to other people’s ideas about what is or isn’t true or possible.  These are called memes.  We pass them around until they take on the concrete nature of being a truth rather than just an idea.

Watch this film and then keep a notebook to hand for a day and jot down the kind of thoughts that you notice taking up space in your mind.  Seeing them in black and white may astonish you.  You might be surprised at how often you allow negative self talk or other people’s ideas about what is or isn’t possible to run through your consciousness. Becoming aware of what we think, changing our minds and focusing our thoughts on to what we want to create is how we step into our power.

Here’s how you can begin to embrace yours.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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