Quantum Shifting. Transforming Our Lives – Past, Present and Future

Quantum Shifting – Transforming Our Lives

Past, Present and Future

Have I been here before? There’s no doubt about the fact that this is one of the most common questions I get asked. As we open up to our soul purpose it is only natural we start to view our spiritual growth as a journey; that takes in not only this lifetime, but all our lifetimes.

Over the years I’ve helped regress clients in order for them to be able to answer this all important question. Many of us would like to think we were someone famous in a past life; Cleopatra or Leonardo da Vinci for example. However, I’ve yet to encounter someone who had a historically famous past life. Most people’s experiences are as Irish potato farmers, housewives, bankers, servants. One friend recalled a past life where she was a galley slave on a Roman ship; chained to the oars and sitting in her own filth.

When the slaves rowed the ship into battle and it caught fire, she (or ‘he’ as she was then) and the other slaves all died. There is an element of authenticity to these recollections that puts paid to the sceptics who say these memories are all a product of our imagination. Nobody would want to think of themselves as having lived lives of terrible suffering and hardship.

Quantum Theory

In a recent article here on MK we discussed how according to quantum theory, past events may have happened in every possible way. So, how does this relate to our past lives? Einstein and other physicists agree that the past, present and future exist simultaneously. Therefore, all the lives we will ever live – those in the past, the one we are currently living, and the ones we are yet to live, are all happening in this moment. What makes this moment different however, is your awareness of this.

We can transform our energy in this life; with our awareness that all our lives are occurring in the present moment. I believe we are at a unique point in our soul development. We can effectively not only bring about transformation in this lifetime but by doing this we transform all our lifetimes. As time is one continuous and simultaneous event – a ‘field’ if you like, as we evolve and heal our soul journey, it could well be that outcomes are changed – especially when we heal deep karmic wounds carried over many lifetimes.

As we delve deeper into this exciting quantum dynamic we may discover that when people re-visit a past life they were regressed to previously, they discover their circumstances have changed. You are the sum of all the lives you have lived up until the moment as well as all the lives you will live in the future. Living your lives to the full begins with opening yourself up to the knowledge that every second you are living you get a second chance to re-write your past, present and future.

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