Using Quantum Creating to handle difficult situations

Our connection with others delivers our most powerful lessons and opportunities for growth.  Along our soul’s journey, we all encounter tricky situations that can literally stop us in our tracks.  It might be an argument with our partner, or a neighbour who seems intent on making our lives a misery or a colleague we lock heads with.

You can actually use the principles and techniques of Quantum Creating to help.

Protect – Studies on emotional contagion show that feelings spread like wild fires to the point where it’s hard to know where they started!  You might ‘catch’ anger or upset from someone else, and you are just as likely to pass it on if you’re the one boiling over.  If you’ve ever tried to have a heart to heart with someone when you know you’re brewing up for a good emotional storm and it all gets out of hand as a result, you’ll know what I mean.  So using Quantum Creating principles means the first step involves protecting yourself from what might be theirs and protecting them from what might be yours.  Do your best to diffuse whatever emotional charge you might be carrying before you start to sort things out.  Along with that, stalk your thoughts and feelings and root out anything that has taken up residence in your system that doesn’t belong to you!

Connect – Ancient spiritual traditions and modern science shows that we are all connected, but it doesn’t feel like that in the heat of a tricky situation!  We can fall under the illusion that we are  separate.  It’s that feeling of separation that makes us scared and when we’re scared we tend to push out the bad feelings onto the other person so that we can go to war with them.  The trouble is, when we engage from our fear, we end up with their fear being mirrored right back at us and nothing shifts.  Connection means that we retune ourselves to the deeper truth that we are all one and the nature of that one is love.  Underneath, you are love and so are they.  When you really tune into that, you can go in and handle it at a soul level.

Resolve – This really taps in to the deep nature of our soul’s journey.  We are here to evolve our unique selves, and in turn evolve the whole.  Putting your focus on finding a solution that works for everyone will sort a difficult situation out a lot more quickly than one that works for one person but leaves the other feeling high and dry!  Reassuring someone that you want to get to a place where they are happy with the result can work wonders in diffusing strong feelings.

Within you lies the power and capability to work miracles.  Embrace it and be a warrior of love.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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