Walking back to happiness

Sometimes it’s the simple things than can transform your life.  Walking in nature has an almost magical power of inspiring, uplifting and most of all shifting things. It even has a proven effect in boosting your overall mood.

Shamans, Buddhists and Aborigines are just a few groups who understand the infinite importance and power of walking and how it can reconnect you with your centre and allow your wisdom to awaken.

We live in a culture of knowledge and sensory experience.  We are bombarded with other people’s opinions, electronic information and adverts wherever we are. As this is so normal we may not realise the impact and effect this can have on our brains, our minds and even unconsciously our decisions.

Walking alone reconnects you to your self and is like a meditation. Some spiritual disciplines actually do it as a form of meditation.

If you feel stuck in a rut or can’t shift a low mood, get up and take yourself out for a walk.  If you can get out into nature, even better.   Of course when we feeling deflated or miserable, we tend not to feel motivated to do anything, let alone take a walk, yet it is the very key to shifting our dynamic.

When you walk, your mind, moods and energy get the chance to find their own balance. Your psychic intuition is increased as you re-establish a link to yourself and your gut feelings. Your spirituality is fed as you connect with all that there is and reconnect with the power of your own soul. Walking inspires, heals and clears and this very simple act has pure magic in it.

As well as Spiritual benefits walking is so powerful that UK mental health charity, Mind, has launched a campaign urging people to beat the blues with ‘Green Walking’, pointing out all the different ways that getting out and about can help.   A new  book out on how to beat depression without drugs by psychologist Dr. Steve llardis makes the controversial claim that simple lifestyle changes, including taking more physical exercise, is a far more effective way of tackling depression than drugs.

You don’t have to be depressed to reap the benefits of a walk. If you want to come up with a creativity idea or find a solution to a problem walking could bring you the answers.

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