Want Success? express your unique soul

I’m always emphasising the importance of us following our own path and honouring our individuality. We are all a unique shard of the universe – totally unrepeatable! Being ourselves and truly loving who we are is such an important part of our spiritual development as well as goal attainment and living our best possible lives, it has to be one of our top priorities. It’s got nothing to do with being self-centered, vain or narcissistic at all. When we truly are able to be and appreciate who we are, all our relationships with others improve and what is more we become beacons of inspiration for others by our example. But this can also be one of the toughest spiritual undertakings we can embark on. Because being who we are takes courage.

Let me give you an example of this. As a kid did you ever laugh along with bullies who were tormenting someone else just because you didn’t want them turning on you? Fast forward to our adult life and often this evolves into ‘fitting in’ and hiding who we really are. Now, don’t get me wrong here – we all want to be accepted. But what if being ‘accepted’ is all about hiding the ‘real’ you? That’s not acceptance at all. That’s survival at best, the total destruction of your beautiful soul at the very worst. But this kind of ‘agreeing’ behaviour is hard to resist.

Psychologists have found that when someone with a very different point of view in thrown in with a group who all share the same one – then in most cases they will change their opinions to fit in with the group. This is taking on the ‘group meme’ – whether it sits well with you or not and we can see from this how entire societies can take on very negative ideas – such as happened in Nazi Germany, just to fit in. Now, that is an extreme example of course, but you can see how this can happen. How many times have you agreed with people not seem ‘different’ or at odds, just to appear to fit in?

The fact is, when we sell ourselves out in this way, we not only lose a little bit of who we are, but take a step further way from our goals and our soul purpose. We become less authentic to ourselves and therefore on a vibrational level, less authentic to others. This then works against us especially if what we want most of all is a genuine connection with someone. When we know who we are and what we stand for and are unafraid to be that, then we attract others who are equally authentic. If you look at the lives of successful people in all walks of life, they are almost always unapologetically themselves – totally unique and individual.

No-one you have met in this life, whether you have loved them or hated them, no company, no organisation, no group, no school or university, has the power to shape who you are or your choices unless you let them. If your brain tells you that you have to ‘go along’ with what ‘everyone’ thinks in order to ‘fit in’ – then this is just a thought on your part – not the reality of your life, and thoughts we can change. Once the real You is allowed to shine through then you will attract your own people simply by doing that and you won’t need to cover up or censor yourself in any way. You are here for a purpose and to fulfil that purpose you have to be yourself. So, don’t imitate others or go along with them just to ‘fit in’. Attract the people who are a perfect fit for you – and the life that allows you to be who you truly are in the process.

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