Evidence that we don’t listen to our psychic intuition?

Evidence that we don’t listen to our psychic intuition?

If you get a chance, read all of this fascinating article by Bella DePaulo Phd in Psychology Today on how good we are at telling whether other people are lying.

It seems that the answer is, it depends.  Bella talks about her own research and also other research done by her colleagues that throws up loads of fascinating information, like we are better at being able to sort out honesty from fibs with close friends but if we drift apart we tend to suspect them more of telling us porkies. And along with that, sometimes total strangers are better at knowing if our partners are lying than we are.

Here’s the key factor – our motivation for knowing the truth.  Those needs we have to think something different sometimes do push us towards putting a veil in between our perception and the person right in front of us who is saying, ‘I swear I don’t think she/he’s attractive’.

But – and here’s the other kicker – it does seem that deep down, we always do know.

Bella talks about hearing from people who’ve been deceived and then found out who insisted that they had known all along. Are they just trying to save face by saying this?

I think we always know, not just about whether someone’s lying or being honest, but about loads of things, but we don’t always listen.  This really matters when it comes to our psychic intuition or psychic antennae.   How often have you found yourself saying, ‘I knew that was going to happen!’

We are all born with intuition and as I’m always saying, trick isn’t in learning how to use it.  It’s learning how to stop ourselves drowning it out or squashing it down.  It’s about learning how to embrace it.

So here’s a few more tips…


Get to know your favourite stories or patterns.  These are the ones most likely to throw a veil between your perception and your psychic intuition.  It may surprise you, but even I don’t always listen to my psychic intuition.  One of my soft spots is that is that I see the best in everyone and always want to give people a break, so every so often that leaves me wide open to giving someone a chance even though my intuition is shouting ‘Don’t!’


Be honest about where you’ve got an agenda.  If you really, really really want something to be true or false for any reason, then it’s going to be harder to listen to your psychic intuition and you’re much more likely to put what it tells you down to ‘fantasy’ or ‘imagination’.  Enlist a trusty friend for a reality check.


Pay particular attention if your intuition starts to turn up the volume.  You might notice quite distinctive synchronicities or chance events that tie together in some way happening around you, or other things that strike you as being a bit odd.  That can be a clue that you really need to tune in to your psychic antennae!

Loads of love,

Michele x



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