What Science Can Teach Us About Goal Success!

I’m always excited when we can fuse scientific practice with manifesting our goals and dreams. One of the biggest barriers to achieving our goals we can encounter is the ‘f’ word – failure. Perhaps we were brought up in a household where we were told that if you didn’t achieve something the first time out you should give up. Or there could have been a great deal of fear around failing due to worrying about what other people may think. Very often we can start taking action towards our goal – be it learning a new skill, setting up our own business or finding that perfect partner – only for things to not work out quite the way we hoped. Maybe we even go back a second, third or fourth time – or more. But we still fail to reach our goal, master that activity, meet that person. In the end we resign ourselves not just to the fact we’re not destined to attain what we want – but we also tell ourselves that our experience has been a complete waste of time.

If any of this resonates with your journey or sounds familiar on any level then what I have to tell you is that almost any scientist out there would tell you that your perspective is completely wrong. We know our thoughts create our reality and this is formed by our point of view. Labelling attempts to reach our goals that do not achieve the desired outcome as ‘failures’ is not something a scientist would ever think of doing. In fact, science takes the entire concept of failure out of the equation! It works like this. Say you are a medical scientist looking to develop a new vaccine that will protect people against cancer. You have an idea of how such a vaccine might be developed. So, you set out to create it. The first batch of vaccines you develop however offer no protection at all. Now, from a scientists point of view, you have just tested out one hypothesis as to how such a vaccine might be created. This did not work but it has given you valuable information about how NOT to go about it. It is now time to come up with and test another one. You see the difference? To a scientific researcher you have merely explored one option. Just because you didn’t get the result you hoped for does not mean you have failed. Quite the contrary. Armed now with valuable information as to what is not going to work, you can begin to fine tune your process. If the second, third, fourth or even fifth attempts do not work out, our fearless scientist still continues but now has even more information to work with!

Suppose you now approach a goal not from the perspective of failing to get the result you want, but from a perspective of obtaining information about the best way to go about getting it? Not only would you now approach the process with an open mind, you would be set to enjoy it no matter what happened! You are information gathering – nothing more, or adding to your knowledge and skills. This applies to anything from studying to going on dates. When you take the concept of failure out of the equation, no matter what the outcome you walk away feeling you have gained something. This in turn fosters a positive attitude which merely boosts our ability to reach our goals in the long term.

Become the Quantum Physicist and Creator of your own life and see every step you take towards your goals as merely one more step towards proving that you are right – you are MEANT to live your dreams. And consign the ‘f’ word to the past!

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