What sort of time traveller are you?

Our complex relationship to time itself is mirrored in myth and literature, from the Roman God Janus’ two faces that allow him to simultaneously contemplate the past and the future and poet TS Eliot’s famously moving lines, ‘Time present and time past/Are both perhaps present in time future/And time future contained in time past’.

Einstein rocked the scientific world with his amazing discoveries about relativity, but the truth is, we are all Time Travellers of a kind, pulled consistently in one direction or another.  So take this fun quiz to find out what kind of time traveller you are and how that shapes your reality.

Answer the questions, add up your scores and then read about you at the bottom.

When it comes to sorting out a holiday, which are you more likely to do?
a) Think about where you have enjoyed going before and do something similar.
b) Tune into what you really need right now – a relaxing, lazy beach break to unwind or a full on fizzing adventure to let off steam and book it then and there.
c) Start looking around to find what’s being talked about as an up and coming destination so you can get there before the crowds ruin it.

What’s your personal wardrobe style?

a) Vintage – even if it’s not actually vintage, it carries signature design marks from your favourite bygone eras, even if we’re just talking 80’s lapels!
b) It evolves as you do.
c) So hot off the catwalks it’s sizzling.  If it’s already hit the high streets, it’s ancient history.

How would you describe your romantic template for your ideal partner?
a)Someone who reminds you of your first major crush.  Certain shared things – same coloured eyes, same smile, always gets to your soft spots.
b)You don’t really have a type – but you can look back and see how everyone you have ended up having a relationship with mirrored the you that you were at the time you dated them.
c)They vibrate with where you want to get to.  It might be that they have a quality that you wish you had, or a lifestyle that matches your vision board.

What would you say your general approach to practical problem solving is?
a) You think about what worked when you faced something similar before.
b)You ask someone you know who can do what you know needs doing now.
c)You start from thinking about how it’s going to be when it’s all sorted out and work backwards from there.

You catch yourself drifting off.  Where do you end up?
a)Reliving past happiness.
b)Going over what’s great about now.
c)Fantasising about how brilliant it’s going to be in the future.

Have you ever thought about tracing your family history?
a) You’d love to do that and in fact might have already started.  It’s such an incredibly revealing and fascinating thing to do.

b) You have thought about it because it would add such a tremendous rich depth to your understanding of your life now and maybe added depth to certain quirks or physical characteristics that you’ve got.
c) No – the past is the past.  I’m much more interested in now and the future.
What were you doing ten years ago?
a) You can remember in exact detail and with full emotional recall.
b)You’re not sure, but you could probably work it out and piece it together.
c) No idea.  What does it matter?

Where do you want to be in ten years time?
a) Ten years?  You struggle to think ten months ahead.
b) You’ll know when you get there.
c) You’ve got a clear list of goals and objectives and you like to inspire yourself by revelling in how it’s going to feel when you’ve achieved all of them.  But by then, you’ll  have a few for the following decade well underway!

Mostly A’s – Past pull
You might find it quite strange to realise the degree to which you take a detour through the past to get to the present!  On the plus side, you learn from experience and seldom make the same mistake twice as a result.  Your roots are really important to you and you get a huge sense of security and stability from what’s gone before.  Sometimes going back to the past to get to the present or future can be a slightly longer route to where we want to get to and that can slow us down.  It also means we can end up recreating what has gone before rather than opening ourselves up to the incredible possibilities that surround us right now, so see what happens if you experiment with changing your focus to be a bit more forward looking.  It might feel a bit scary at first, but that will soon switch to exhilaration.

Mostly B – Present Perfect
You are very much in the moment and totally tuned to what’s going on for you now.  Nobody is going to catch you sticking to anything just because it worked back in the day or being so preoccupied with the future that you miss out on the present.  You move through the different phases of life relatively easily, finding it easy to be informed by the past without feeling the need to cling on to it and able to inspire yourself with goals and dreams without dimming your ability to enjoy what you have already achieved.  From your point, you can see both the past and the future, and take what you need from both, but you don’t feel the need to be anywhere else.

Mostly Cs – The Tomorrow People
At some point in your life something made you psychically ditch the past and leap out of the present. I’m surprised you hung around long enough to read down to here.  You’re fast moving, fast thinking, and to be honest maybe a bit impatient with people who can’t move at your lightening speed.  You can be a trend setter in many ways, but you can also fail to learn from experience, dissipate your energy by hurling yourself into too many things at once without finishing any one thing and find it hard to relax into the joys of the moment.  Try meditation to help you feel more comfortable about being totally present and you’ll probably find a whole ocean of calmness that you can bring to that fabulous creativity of yours.

A mixture of A, B and C
What’s important here is less about where you spend most of your time and more about recognising that you have the ability to move easily from the past, through the present to the future and back again.  The more you can become conscious of how you do it and what happens when you do, the more you can actually do it at will to serve the need of the moment.  You can effortlessly leap back in time to dig out a memory or a skill or something important that you learned, swoop into the future to inspire yourself and then come back into the present where you can enjoy the abundance of now.  Lucky you!

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