Who Will You Be? Unlock the Secrets of Your Future Life!

Who Will You Be?

Unlock the Secrets of Your Future Life!

Note: Before trying the exercises in this article, please first read Who Were You? How to Access Your Past Life Wisdom here on MK.

Einstein and Quantum physics have shown us that there is no such thing as time in the linear sense as we perceive it. Past, present and future exist simultaneously. So, not only is the Big Bang and if it exists, the Big Crunch all happening continuously, all at the same moment (a bit trippy to get your head around, I know!), but you are living not only all your past lives but all your future ones right now as well! In other words, time really IS something we have invented to stop everything from happening at once!

But the great thing about knowing this is that not only can we access our past lives (again, please see Who Were You? How to Access Your Past Life Wisdom here on MK and practice the exercise in that at least once before proceeding to this stage), but perhaps we can look ahead to see who we will be in a future one!

The exercises

By now, you’re familiar with the meditation. Unplug or turn off your phone and ensure you won’t be disturbed. Imagine the scene – you are seated in the audience of either a cinema or a theatre and waiting for the film or performance to begin. Again, take note of who is seated in the audience, especially those sitting closest to you. Do you know them already? If not do you ‘feel’ you know them on some level? As the lights go down and the screen comes to live or the curtain goes up I want you to think about this lifetime first.

I want you to imagine a scene one year into the future. Where are this time next year? Who are you with? What do you look like? Has your appearance changed? Are the people you are with in your life now or have you yet to meet them? Spend as much time as you need and ‘follow’ yourself around for however long it takes. When you are ready, return to your seat in the audience.

‘Always in motion is the future’

Look around at how the audience has reacted to the ‘performance’. What are they saying? Get your journal out and write down as many details as you can about what you have seen. The great thing is you only have to wait 12 months to verify this! Very often when we see a future that excites us we start to prepare for it, our energy levels rise, we make changes such as to our appearance so they match what we have seen and this brings the future to us much faster. If what you saw concerned you – please don’t worry. To quote Yoda: Always in motion is the future.

What you have been shown is a gift as you are being given the opportunity to make changes to change your future experience. If you begin to do this and then repeat the exercise in a month or so I guarantee you will be shown something very different!

Take note

When you have written down everything you remember and when you are ready, close your eyes and return to your seat in the audience. Again, take note of who is sitting in it with you. This time you are going to go much further than just one year ahead. Think to yourself that you are going to be shown a scene not just from the future in this life but your future life. Relax yourself, let the house lights dim and allow the performance to begin. Be very open minded at this point and bear in mind that some things you are shown make not make sense to you.

Stay in touch with who you are and what you are feeling as this is the most important thing. Are you a man or a woman? How old are you? Where are you? What are you feeling right now? Is there anyone with you and if so, who? What is there relationship to you and do you recognise them either from this life or from the audience?

Again, spend as much time as you want and keep a very open mind. What I can tell you is that this exercise has been road-tested by quite a few people and many of them reported being in a similar time (which makes sense as we are likely to incarnate again with the same soul group), a similar place and reported having similar feelings!


When you are ready to leave just imagine yourself back in the audience. Take note of their reactions and what they are saying. When you are ready come back into your own body and write down every detail you can remember. You can repeat this exercise as often as you like and take note of whether you keep flash-forwarding to one particular future life or if you are shown several.


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