Finding Your Passion: Why Boredom is Bad for You

Does your job feed your body but not your mind or your soul? Are you tuning out in meetings? Or just going through your day totally unstimulated by mind-numbing routine? For many of us, finding our passion – the job we were sent here to do is an essential part of our spiritual journey and also the key to our happiness. However, new research reveals that being in a job that consistently bores us has serious long-term implications on our health and wellbeing.

Let’s face it – even the most satisfying careers have times where you have to attend to unexciting routine tasks. But when it comes to jobs where we continually tune-out or go through the motions with one eye on the clock, a study conducted by researchers from a number of Canadian universities has revealed that being constantly bored at work can literally be a matter of life or death!

First the team looked at what mental processes occur (or don’t) when we become bored. They defined boredom as “an aversive state of wanting, but being unable to, engage in satisfying activity”. When someone is bored they have difficulty paying attention to information whether it is their own thoughts or what’s going on around them. We can be aware we are not paying attention but not paying attention means we can become accident prone. The researchers found that long-term boredom is a form of stress which impacts on your entire wellbeing. Once they are released from the boring environment, people can then attempt to compensate for this by engaging in compulsive behaviours like overeating, alcohol or drug abuse or risk taking of some kind. Another result can of course be depression. All these kinds of reactions often come about because we feel we are powerless to change the situation we are in.

If this sounds like you, understand first of all you are now powerless but you have to take steps to get yourself out of the situation and the only person who can do that is you! For those of you who are bored at work but have yet to discover your true calling the answer is not to stay where you are until you find it but to treat your situation as a journey of discovery! Move to a more stimulating environment – it may not be your true calling yet but moving shows you are ready to step out onto a new path and often we find our niche by synchronicities which may not occur if you stay where you are! Update your CV – get it professionally written if that helps and start applying for something better. And don’t forget – when you go for interviews the process is a two-way street. You need to be asking them questions as to what kind of working environment you will be in and what your job entails to ensure you are at least more stimulated in your next position.

We spend the majority of our lives at work which is why finding our soul purpose and a job that fills us with passion is so important. Remember, you don’t have to know exactly what that will be right now. But by sending a message that you refuse to accept boredom and its long-term implications on your wellbeing, you set yourself firmly on the path towards your true soul calling.

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