Why it sometimes pays to be a rebel

A new study reported on the fabulous ScienceDaily.com give us even more insight into the way that we can be held back by nothing more than an idea.

The study showed that if people think that a rule is set in stone, not only do they just shrug their shoulders and accept any limitations it puts on them as part of their reality, but they also start convincing themselves that it’s a good idea.

In the study talked about in the article two groups were informed that the government was going to lower city speed limits to make the streets safer.  One group was told this was definitely happening, and the other was told that the new legislation might be voted down.

When people thought that the speed limit was definitely going to drop, they supported the idea a lot more than those who were told it might not happen.

It makes a kind of common sense that people would find a way to adjust themselves to something they thought they couldn’t do anything about.

Road safety is a hugely important subject and there are loads of competing ideas about how to make our roads less dangerous places.  If we take the findings of the study away and look at the implications for how we adjust ourselves to fit the reality we are presented with across the board, however, you can begin to see how an idea presented as a concrete fact can be as effective as a twenty foot high brick wall in stopping us from even thinking about how to get around it.

We also know that ideas spread like viruses.  Every single one of us is a carrier and transmitter of all sorts of ideas.  That’s fine if the ideas are useful.  But we can also become infected with ideas that lodge into our brains unchallenged and become part of how we see ourselves and how we see life itself that can actually hold us back.  This study shows that the more certain we are that an idea is set in stone, the less we are likely to challenge it and, more alarmingly, the more we are likely to rationalise it or even defend it.

Rooting out idea-viruses that limit our potential and staying vigilant about the ones that are flying around and trying to invade our psychic space is one of the key steps of Quantum Creating.  Particularly because other scientific studies show that our thoughts generate neural pathways that rapidly grow from small roads to motorways in our minds, sending us hurling towards the same destinations and making create or new thought more difficult.

When I was young I was a bit of a rebel, and even though that brought a few challenges in its wake, I can see how it actually protected me from becoming infected by loads of idea-viruses that otherwise could have taken hold.

Studies like this are yet another tick in the box for why it’s so important to stop every so often and challenge anything that we are certain about that actually might be nothing more than an idea – and a wrong one at that.  Maybe it’s time to take out an old dream you put to one side, dust it off and wonder again how you might breathe it into life.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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