Why we are stronger together rather than alone

A study led by Johns Hopkins behavioral neuroscientist Eric Fortune and published in the November 4 issue of the journal Science shows that not only our brains are literally built to work together – but so are the brains of other living creatures.

Fortune and his team travelled to Ecuador to study plain-tailed wrens, birds famous for their duets.  Males and females take turns in singing different parts of one song and they do it so well that if you didn’t know better, you would think that only one bird was singing.

After taping the birds, Fortune captured a few and monitored what was happening in their brains.  That’s when the astounding results were revealed.

In an article on ScienceDaily.com talking about the research, Fortune explains, “In both males and females, we found that neurons reacted more strongly to the duet song — with both the male and female birds singing — over singing their own parts alone. In fact, the brain’s responses to duet songs were stronger than were responses to any other sound.”

In other words, their brains showed a surge of activity when they were singing their duets.

Fortune also explains that the brains of vertebrates share astonishing similarities, meaning that the discovery in remote Ecuador has huge significance for many species, including us.

In a nutshell, that really does seem to show that we are designed to work together.

Scientists across the board are still tussling with big questions about the connection between consciousness, cognition or thinking and brain activity.  So far, there are loads of experiments that actually throw up more questions than answers in trying to explain what actually drives what and where they might overlap.

Quantum physics and spiritual texts tell us that we are all one, and now at least it appears that there has been an exciting step forward in the revelation that our brains might actually be built to make us stronger together than alone.

Your own experience will tell you that at the point where you’ve hit a wall or are stumbling over what to do next, a quick chat with someone else or a brainstorm can suddenly spark up a whole firework display of solutions and possibilities.  So why not pull together your own dream team of friends who meet on a regular basis to generate brilliance?  You never know where it might take you.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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