Wishful thinking versus Quantum Creating

Do you find ever find yourself wishing with all of your heart and soul for something?  Wishful thinking is extraordinarily potent in its own way, but it’s radically different than the thinking that lies behind Quantum Creating.

When we wish for something, there’s a kind of hidden assumption that our wish will be granted (or not) by ‘something out there’ and our job is to wait and see if we get lucky.  Wishes can also carry the energy of a sense of something being missing if they are based on a strong emotional punch around what we don’t have and the lack that we feel as a result.

In total contrast, Quantum Creating is based on the understanding that we are all part of the whole and carry a shard of the divine within us all.  Because we are all a part of the whole, we are already connected to everything we could possibly desire, so our job is to bring ourselves into alignment on every level and extend our intention towards what we want to draw towards us.   That we are all a shard of the divine is our clue that there is nothing external to us to granting our wishes – really, it’s us giving it to ourselves.

So when hear yourself starting to say, ‘I wish…’ switch your approach to the following

1/Connect with your own divine power within rather than leaking it away by turning your focus outside of yourself.

2/Remember that whatever it is that you want, you’re already connected to it.

3/Do the inner work first – look at your patterns of thought, energy and beliefs and make sure they are in alignment with what you want. Revise and revoke where necessary, using all the tools of transformation at your disposal. 

4/Then widen your focus and begin to follow the threads that already link you to whatever it is you desire.  You aren’t creating the threads, because they are already there.  It’s more about you bringing them into focus and then drawing on them with your intention.  If you’re looking for love, for example, remember that the perfect person for you already exists.  Following the threads also means getting practical and taking steps towards whatever it is you want.   I always say, life can come and find you if you’re at home under the duvet, but it can take a lot longer!

5/Enjoy the process.  This is where you get to experience yourself as the amazing, powerful, creative person that you are.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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