Your life – the Director’s cut

I’ve talked about the incredible ability that you have to show many films about your life simultaneously in the cinematic landscape of your mind.  But what genre of film do you specialise in? Our thoughts and where we take them are a bit like film catogories,  if all of us went through exactly the same day each of us would see and experience that day differently! Some people might see it as a good day, a boring day, a terrible day because what we experience is filtered by so many different things from past experience, neural pathways and where we put our attention.

A good metaphor for understanding this is to see your life and personality as a film category. When you begin to think about all the different film categories that there are, you can get some insight into the reality that you might be creating for yourself on a daily basis.

For example, are you the kind of person who specialises in Rom-Coms?  Can you take even a disastrous situation and find the laughter and love within it?  Is love the big theme of your life and do you find the vulnerabilities in yourself and others something to treasure and marvel over?

Or is it all Crime/Thriller, where everyone is out to get everyone and it’s all about working out whodunit or who wants to do it and staying one cunning step ahead of their plans to pull off your own?

Maybe you find that you roll around one great big Disaster Movie where we set the camera to focus on anything that has gone wrong, is going wrong or could go wrong and the awful and terrible repercussions that can ripple out across generations as a result.  And maybe we shouldn’t even talk about Horror….

I love watching films, especially when one is strong enough to totally pull me into emotionally living the story.  That’s why we all love them.  Even critics talk about the importance of a film being so good that it gets us to suspend our disbelief – that we will invest ourselves heart and soul into what we are watching to the point where in that moment it is absolutely real.

When we lose ourselves in a brilliant film, we believe what we see on the screens.  And it’s the same in our minds. We are creating our emotional experience and seeing that as real. So we really need to be aware of the genres that we fall back on, especially when we begin to understand how they create our reality – how they can become self fulfilling prophesies.

As we watch each film that we show in the multiplex of our mind, we respond to it as though it’s real.  It has a physiological affect on us.  We become joyful, we laugh. We also cry or become afraid.  And we can do all of that even though we might be watching a film that we’ve made of a remote possibility of something totally unlikely to happen.  It creates an overall mood or vibration that sets the tone of our experience and shapes what we do.

The joy is that you get to make the Director’s cut.  You get to choose whether you continually replay the footage of going to the fridge and finding that the milk had gone off so you couldn’t have your cup of tea, and layering that up with dramatic music so that it turns into a total tragedy, rather than moving the camera to focus on that glimpse of the magnificent sunrise that you could see through the window on the way to the fridge. The way you experience each moment really is in your hands.

Begin to craft the films you show with love and care and enormous thought to your overall wellbeing and the vibration that you want to tune yourself to.  And of course, there is also the important question of casting, or who gets to play what roles in the drama of your life.  So that’s what we’ll look at next.

Loads of love,


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