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If you’ve been following my articles on manifestation, you should be pretty clued in by now about the crazy vibration that desperation sets up and how it actually pushes away the very thing that you want to attract.

Desperation comes from fear.  It rises up when we convince ourselves that that there isn’t enough to go around or we’re going to miss out.  But it also comes from a feeling of need or lack within us.  The more we feel that we need something, the stronger the sense of our desperation.

But hang on, I hear some of you say. There’s a paradox here.  If you’re saying that my need sets up a crazy vibration that pushes away whatever it is I want to attract, that means I can’t attract what I want.  That means I can only attract what I don’t want.  Or that I mustn’t want what I want in order to attract it.   And that’s not fair, because if I can only attract what I don’t actually want, that means people who are going through really tough times are less likely to be able to attract what they need!

Don’t panic!  We live in a totally democratic or neutral universe.  The laws that rule attraction are consistent and don’t favour anybody.  We all vary in terms of the level of power with which we work with them, and that’s something that’s within our ability to change, but the actual laws themselves don’t vary.

It is true that the more desperate you feel, the harder it can be to attract what you want.  That means that, at the point that you notice that you are feeling overwhelmed, put manifesting aside for a moment.

That feeling of desperation can make you focus on what you don’t have.  No matter what you think or hope you are doing, that could actually be the dominant attractor force that you send out potentially blocking what you want to create!

It’s important to work with your inner voice, your deepest beliefs and greater faith especially in times of global crisis as this too can undermine our beliefs as we are being told that everything is failing. Watch how you respond to your thoughts and feelings. Make the effort to read and watch things which inspire you and stir your soul.

The good news is, you also have the power to turn it around.  It might be that you do need to do some deep work around whatever emotions are holding you in their grip, but don’t underestimate the power in what you might think of as the small stuff of life.

You could try just focussing your energy on doing whatever makes you feel good.  That’s going to vary from person to person so there really is no one overall prescription that works for all.  When I was a lone parent struggling on a student grant, a small bunch of fresh flowers kept my spirits buoyant and fed my soul – even if I had to live on tea and toast as a result of buying it!

It might be choosing a library book that you really want to read, listening to a piece of music that makes you want to dance or treating yourself to a scented soap to use every day that adds a bit of luxury to your day.  It means not skipping on good, healthy meals, going for walks, keeping where you live clean and ordered. Find a way to awaken your child within, indulge in play and the joy of the moment and the miracle of being here now putting your worries to one side.

All of these little self-nurturing rituals work on a deep level to nourish our very soul, and they can also be the first things we abandon when the going gets tough because we don’t appreciate their significance.

What you are doing on a spiritual level is continually being your own champion, reassuring yourself that you can count on you, that you are there for you throughout thick or thin.  Every act of kindness to yourself is like a drop of water in a sacred well.  You might not notice the difference immediately, but over time the levels will slowly rise until you are drawing on a deep source of well-being (no pun intended!).

At the point where you can think about what you want without it setting up that feeling of crazy intensity, that’s the point to focus your intention on whatever it is you want to manifest.

Over time, you’ll begin to be able to calibrate the difference in your emotional state with a sophisticated sensitivity.  You’ll know when you are ready to play with co-creation and when you’re at your most powerful.  You’ll also know when it’s time to go back to the drawing board, to take the focus off co-creation and put your attention into replenishing your emotional stocks.

If you forget everything else, remember this simple rule; do what makes you feel good as when you feel good, you are at your most powerful.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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