Your Quantum Self: Leap Into Your Future Life!

All of us who are on a path to fulfill our soul potential become aware of the fact that our lives today have been shaped by our actions and thoughts in the past. It’s a fact of life that the majority of us have some regrets about decisions we’ve made in the past. We think back on them and say to ourselves: ‘If only I’d known them what I know now’. Well, the paradox is of course that we had no other decision to make back then as it was by making the decision we did that we learned from it! However, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t wish that the us of today could travel back in time and give ourselves the insight that might have saved us from pain and regret in the past. Who doesn’t resonate to the speech Morgan Freeman gives to the parole board in The Shawshank Redemption when he says he just wants to go back in time and talk to the young man he once was?

For us to realise today that there was probably a different choice to have been made or a different path to have taken in the past is the sign of true soul growth and learning. Rather than be filled with regret this is our signal to step into our future armed with insight that means we won’t be making the same mistakes again. However – that doesn’t mean we won’t make different mistakes in the future, so the question is: how can we avoid setbacks?

While we can’t travel back in time and talk to our past selves, there is however no reason why we can’t access the wisdom of our future selves. If you’re already practicing your Quantum Creating techniques then chances are you’re envisioning a wonderful future life for yourself – a life where you have loving, supportive relationships, abundance, happiness, peace, health and prosperity? Obviously the ‘you’ you will be in this future already exists because as Quantum Physics tells us – past, present and future exist simultaneously. So, it doesn’t matter if it will take you a year, five years or a decade to achieve this life – you are already living it and the you that is living it already has all the knowledge and all the experience you need to know to get there! All you have to do is make contact with the ‘future’ you.

Ready to time travel? Needless to say, phones and interruptions are the time travellers’ worst enemies. Make sure the first are turned off and that you won’t experience the latter.

1: Get comfortable. You can sit or lay down. Whichever is most comfortable for you. Make sure you are not wearing restrictive clothing.

2: Read through your Quantum Creating goals. They should have been written in the present tense (you have them now) and detail the life you are living. Once you have read them, close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and start to visualise this life.

3: Choose your surroundings. Are you in the home you dream of living in? The office that you have established your business in or have been given as part of your dream, job? Perhaps you are walking on the beach on your dream vacation or standing behind the camera on set waiting to call ‘Action!’ on that film you want to direct. It doesn’t matter where it is in your future. What matters is that you can see, hear, smell, touch and even taste the experience.

4: Look at your future self. How does she or he look? How different are they to how you look and act today? Watch as your Future Self turns towards you and notices your presence. Notice the moment of recognition that passes between you.

5: Ask Yourself Anything. Now you have your attention it’s time to tap into the mine of information your future self has. Ask him or her anything you want. If you’ve not got a sense of how far ahead in the future you are, ask them how long it’s taken to get to this stage. What were the breakthrough moments? How did those come about? Above all, is there anything they would do differently or anything you should know about the two of ‘you’? What have ‘you’ learned? What were your biggest challenges and what areas of inner work or issues should you be concentrating on to make your journey easier? Be very open to what your future self has to tell you. After all – they may have had to learn to do things differently to get where they have!

6: What else do you need to know? When you have asked all the questions you can think of, ask yourself if there is anything else you need to know before you return to your present life. Again, be open and non-judgemental towards what you are told. Remember – nobody knows you like yourself – and nobody loves you more either! Thank yourself and then return to the present.

7: Remember:  Write down as much of the encounter as you can remember.

You can repeat this meditation whenever you feel stuck with a particular situation or issue on your soul path. And in doing so know that you are bringing that future and your future self into being – possibly faster than you ever dreamed possible.



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