Your Quantum Self: Make the Law of Attraction Work for You!

Your Quantum Self: Make the Law of Attraction Work for You!

If you’re a regular visitor here and you enjoy reading my articles on Quantum Reality and Quantum Creating then you’ll be familiar with the concept that everything in the universe if comprised of energy. Us, the chair you’re sitting on reading this, the grass, the Sun, the Solar System and the very fabric of the universe itself. Things are not solid matter but energy waves. And our energy ‘vibration’ is what attracts people and experiences to us. Like attracts like.

It’s proven both on a scientific and a psychological level that what we focus on becomes our reality. If you focus on negative thoughts and experiences – that’s what you get more of. This is not to say if something tragic or hideous happens to you it is ‘your fault’; but changing your thoughts, I believe, can manifest a more abundant reality.

However, it’s not just our thoughts we can change but our energy vibration as well. And by doing this we can really make the Law of Attraction work for us and super-charge our Quantum Creating process. It’s got nothing to do with affirmations or even goal-setting per se, although it usually does speed up the manifestation process.

Step 1

This requires total honesty from you. Look at what you are attracting right now. What are you not happy with? Be ruthlessly honest with yourself here. Do you attract potential partners who won’t commit? Are you stuck in a job where you are not rewarded properly? Make a list of everything you are attracting you don’t like and go into as much detail as you want about what’s not working.

Step 2

Now – how does this make you feel? Again, be honest and I’m also going to ask you to do something that may sound a little strange or even counter-productive. Really go into these feelings. Wallow in them if you like. Write them all down – all the unhappiness, yuckiness, frustration, unworthiness, blame, worry and dissatisfaction you feel in this particular area of you life. Now, when you’ve finished writing, re-read it and then sit with it for a moment longer. This is the energy you are broadcasting to the universe around this particular issue or area in your life. Not nice, is it? Now you’ve tuned into it, can you see why you’re not getting anywhere fast?

Step 3 – Acknowledge – Forgive

You’re now having a profound spiritual ‘Ah-ha!’ moment. A revelation. This is big – probably bigger than you can imagine in terms of the impact it’s going to have for your soul path. Acknowledge this energy, forgive anyone you have to (this includes yourself) and no we come to the exciting part – we’re going to re-tune you. Just like a radio or a transmitter you’ve been stuck at a certain frequency – and the same boring station listening to the same music playing over and over again. Now, I want you to think either about an area in your life that is working or – don’t panic here if you’re saying ‘But nothing is working right now!’ – go back to a really good day.

We’ve all had them. Those days where you wake up energised and leave the house with a spring in your step and probably a big goofy grin you’re not aware of plastered all over your face. Suddenly everyone you encounter smiles at you (including that cute guy or girl you see every day who’s never acknowledged you until now!).

Everything flows smoothly for you, little synchronicities happen and life just seems good. No matter what our present circumstances, we’ve all had days like this. Think back and then write down how that time made you feel. Now – re-read it and sit with that energy. It’s very different to the previous energy, isn’t it? Just image if you could hold that kind of energy and send it out to the universe instead. How different would your life and circumstances be?


The amazing thing is now you have ‘tuned’ into the positive energy and recalled how you felt at that particular time, you can now tap into it whenever and however often you want. The more you do this, the longer you begin to ‘broadcast’ on this new energetic frequency. And the universe just has to respond back as like attracts like. Soon you will be amazed as your negative situations and problems start to resolve themselves or just vanish – not because they have changed – but because you no longer hold the same vibration as they do.

Our vibration determines our spiritual life path and lessons. The great thing is once we understand this we can change the curriculum if you like, at any time and become the spiritually evolved energetic beings we were always destined to be.

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