Your Secret to Success (and inner peace)

It would appear that the super-successful – everyone from A-list actors like Hugh Jackman, international business identities such as Rupert Murdoch and sporting superstars like Novak Djokovic have discovered the secret to success, happiness and inner peace is the one that mystics have been following for centuries: meditation.

Right now we’re seeing a big move away from what society used to define as success. It’s not about working insane hours and sacrificing your personal life in the process. It’s certainly not about acquiring material ‘things’ just for their own sake or to impress others in the hope they will make you happy (they won’t). It’s certainly not about sacrificing your health or sense of wellbeing due to stressing over a career path. Success is fast becoming re-defined as just being a successful human being.

Meditation allows us to connect and access not only our own inner wisdom but the wisdom that is available to us from the energetic field of universal truth. When we do this we are able to decide not only what is important for us, but also to navigate the stresses of modern-day life and react to them differently. It is naïve to say we can avoid them or that ‘we are responsible for creating our reality’ as some new-age proponents would have you believe. That would only work if we were the only ones here! Stress is unavoidable and it is natural to want to achieve success in some area of our lives. Meditation allows us to stop stressing about the things that get in the way of our success and also to decide for ourselves what success actually means to us. When we free ourselves of other people’s (or society’s) definition of success the paradoxical thing is we are then totally free to be successful!

The benefits of meditation have been well-documented. Just a few minutes meditation can be more restful than sleeping, it lowers blood pressure, boosts your intuition, promotes neuroplasticity and it protects your telomeres. No, they’re not a race from Game of Thrones! Telomeres are the protective cap on the end of our chromosomes and scientists are discovering that the longer the cap (telomere) the longer we are likely to live and meditators appear to produce more of the enzyme which creates these caps.

Those of you who already meditate are undoubtedly nodding your heads wisely and saying ‘I knew that’. However, others are probably saying ‘Yes, but . . .I have tried to meditate and just can’t. I have tried sitting, lying down, concentrating on a candle, repeating a mantra and nothing works. Things keep popping into my head like the fact I need to go buy Toilet Duck/sew name tags on my child’s school uniform/my work project is overdue/my husband has left his dirty socks on the bedroom floor again. How do I stop this?’ The answer is – you don’t.

Many people feel they cannot meditate simply because they cannot rid themselves of intrusive thoughts. What they don’t realise is the key to learning to meditate is not to concentrate on not having intrusive thoughts but your reaction to them when they crop up. Notice I said ‘learning to meditate’. Yes, meditation is a skill that like any other requires practice. You are not going to sit in a Lotus position and your mind automatically becomes a Zen blank canvas you know! The key to meditation is realising that everyone even people who meditate regularly, has these thoughts. The key to meditation is how you deal with them when they occur. Are you going to have a figurative knee-jerk reaction to the realisation you forgot the Toilet Duck or are you just going to regard the thought from a position of neutrality? It’s just a thought – nothing more. When you remove any emotion from the thought the thought disappears. If more thoughts turn up, do the same thing. Your partner’s dirty laundry which they can’t be bothered to put in the laundry bin. Acknowledge the thought but remove the irritation/anger from it. You will then see the thought just vanish.

When you realise that it is your emotional reaction to the thoughts that prevent you from meditating rather than the thoughts themselves, you will not only find that they start to occur less frequently but you’ll soon discover yourself meditating without even trying! Try it and see.

Meditation really does open the doors to success by allowing us to access the deep soul wisdom all of us have within us.

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