Your Seven Step Spiritual Spring Clean!

Yay! It’s March 20 when the spring equinox occurs but the winter blahs can linger on. If you’re feeling down and even the thought of better weather isn’t enough to brighten your day, then here are some simple spiritual tips to boost your energy and change your perspective.

1: Focus on the positive. Remember, our thoughts create our reality and while we may be stuck in circumstances which may be dragging us down, we can direct our thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of our lives if we just look for them.

2: You are what you eat. What you feed your stomach feeds your brain. If you want to feel less frustrated, depressed or angry consider a vegetarian diet. And choose foods with lots of colour. Pretty food equals a pretty mood and when you feel good – the world starts to look good too!

3: Be grateful. No matter what is happening in your life right now you do have things to be grateful for. They can be as simple as your morning coffee or a smile a stranger gives you on a bus. Start a gratitude journal and list five a day to start with – they need only be one line each. You’ll be amazed at how that list grows.

4: Use your imagination! We are all creative and we all have the ability to visualise and dream. Your opportunities are limitless with a little action put towards them. If you come across a new idea, capture it and write it down.  Once you write it down you make it real.  Once it’s real you can take action towards it a little bit a time.  You will see that one idea expands into another and another.  As you write them down the ideas grow and come together and your life will begin to change. Live your ideas a little each day even if it’s just as simple as going into a store and trying on the outfit you will wear when your dream is a reality. Actions are what turn dreams into reality.

5: Don’t compare. You are unique. Don’t compare yourself to others and especially do not fall into the trap of comparing what you have materially with other people. Comparison is a trap. You have enough right now to start your journey to where you need to get to.

6: Read uplifting books. Reading is incredibly empowering. It helps you gain knowledge and learn skills to help you solve your problems.  It gives you access to inspiration and expertise and it helps you understand yourself through journeys others have taken. The more you understand yourself, the better your life becomes.

7: Reach out! Expressing ourselves and connecting with others is essential for our wellbeing. If you’re in a situation where you’ve just moved to a new area or changed jobs and are feeling disconnected, look around you. Seek out a group or activity. Smile. Use your journal to confide in and jot down ideas to make new connections then act on them!

The fact is, the blahs can strike us at any time just as any time of year can be a good time for a Spiritual Spring Clean!

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