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We’ve all met them – those people who despite what they may lack in looks, money or even connections, just seem to radiate charisma and are always the centre of attention and the life and soul of the party. People just want to be around them. We ask ourselves what is it they have that we don’t? The answer, researchers found, may surprise you as being irresistible is something we can all attain. So, what’s their secret?

Well, according to researchers it begins with a strong sense of self-worth – they are not constantly seeking approval or validation from others and are unafraid to be themselves. But they all share another key factor in that they cultivate simple habits that ensure they make a lasting impression and others respond to this. Now, this may not be conscious in some people but what it means is that we can all adopt similar habits that propel us into the league of being simply irresistible. Here’s what they are and many of them are just good karmic practice.

1: They treat everyone they meet with courtesy and respect. It doesn’t matter who that person is or what position they hold or whether they are their biggest client or the server at their table.

2: They treat others how they want to be treated. We’re told to treat people how we would want to be treated but not everyone’s expectations are the same. Charismatic people are good at picking up non-verbal clues from others and adjusting their behaviour accordingly. So, the more intuitive you are, the easier this becomes.

3: Ditch the small talk. It’s hard to really connect if you stick to neural subjects. Others just switch off and go into auto-response mode. Irresistible people work on creating depth even in every day interactions. They take a genuine interest in others which means they ask good questions and show they relate to what is going on in the other person’s life.

4: They give people 100% of their attention. In other words, they don’t look at their phone when they are with someone. They also don’t obsess about whether the other person likes them or not or how they are coming across. – because they are too busy paying attention to who they are with.

5: We’ve all met people who twist the conversation so they can tell us how smart/successful they are. Irresistible people never do this – because they have nothing to prove and they also know that trying too hard is a turn-off whether it’s on a personal or a professional level.

6: They are not threatened by different  opinions. They know people are not their ideas/beliefs/opinions. They express their own viewpoint with confidence and then listen with an open mind to those of others recognising that someone with a different opinion to them is no less intelligent and that their point of view can be equally valid.

7: They are confidently themselves as they cannot be anything else – and would not want to be.

8: They stand by their values and what they say. Irresistible people are as good as their word and always follow through. They do not make promises they can’t keep, they try not to talk badly about people and they will stand up for their beliefs even when it is difficult. People therefore know they can be trusted.

9: Smile! It’s that simple. When you talk to someone, smile. We unconsciously mirror the person we are talking to. If we smile, they will smile back. It works wonders. Try it and see.

10: They love the life they have right now. Irresistible people are in the moment and they radiate passion for the life they are living – not the one they think they may be living in the future. They focus on what is good about their lives, not what they don’t have and this raises their energy vibration and others just cannot help but respond to that.

Perhaps the main thing researchers have forgotten on this list is the ability to love. To love life, to love others and to have an open heart which then radiates attractiveness. When we walk in love it acts as a magnet.  Loving ourselves is as important as loving others and is a key ingredient to becoming charisma in motion. You are already equal to and as exciting as anyone else and when you know that you have the final key.

What do you think the secret of charisma is? I would love to have your feedback so please leave a comment.

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