6 Keys To Karmic Relationships

Breaking free of karmic relationships

When you meet someone you have a karmic connection with, a spark of recognition ignites in your soul. You’ll feel a haunting familiarity, a sense of having come home, a longing for something not quite remembered.
You might recognise their face, name or the sound of their voice, or you may intuitively know you have met before. If this person is a potential lover, these feelings are magnified, giving the whole relationship a compulsive, alluring intensity. You’ll feel a connection that goes way beyond what you actually say and do together. Something profound appears to be bubbling away under the surface.

Familiar old patterns

Unfortunately, just because something is familiar, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. You might feel comfortable in situations that are actually very limiting, just because that’s what you’re used to. If you have low self-esteem you may feel more ‘at home’ with people who perpetuate that myth around you because that’s how you’re used to seeing yourself. Unconsciously this might feel much safer to you than the terrifying unknown beyond your own self-imposed walls.

If you have karma to resolve in a close relationship you may be sucked into a whirlpool of repetitive past patterns and behaviour that appears to have very little to do with your conscious wishes and actions. But because you know the pattern, you’re compelled to repeat it.
Making new patterns takes much more effort – and brings unsettling change. It could mean you have to look at yourself in a new light, which can feel daunting. What if you are not who you thought you are? Friends and family may feel threatened by you changing, and oppose it because it brings to light things they need to break free from in their own lives.

Love versus karma

Discovering whether you’re caught in a karmic emotional rollercoaster is actually quite easy to do. Real love should be a peaceful, beautiful experience filled with mutual respect, joy and space to grow. If you’re hynotised by someone who controls, mistreats or lies to you, but whom you still refuse to believe would deliberately hurt you – you’re in a karmic relationship. You might have incredible sex, and feel like they know you better than you know yourself. But you also have terrible cathartic fights and say unforgivable things to each other. You feel like you experience life more intensely through them, for better or worse.
The karmic recognition falsely tricks you into feeling that your destiny is tied up with this person. It feels fated. And, yes, it is, as you have possibly encountered each other hundreds of times before in various guises. And the reason he or she keeps coming back is that you could not find a way to resolve your past issues. So why should this time be any different? Because this time you have the potential to understand that your karmic relationship is teaching you a lesson that could transform your life for the better!

Acceptance and realisation

One of the first things to accept if you’re in a karmic relationship is that you are actually in one. You’re not a fool to have mistaken the intense feelings you’re experiencing as love, or felt that you are bound together in an inevitable dance with someone who is controlling you like a puppet.
Karma has to be compelling and addictive, otherwise you wouldn’t learn anything from it. Its only purpose is to teach, so you can become more whole.
Your friends and family will have already pointed out that they don’t understand why you put up with your karmically-challenged person’s attitude or behaviour. And perhaps, intellectually, you know they’re right. But in your heart you’re probably still a slave to the beast.
The great news is that as soon as you start to consciously acknowledge the truth of your fated relationship, the mask will slowly slip, and you will see them for who they truly are. You’ll soon come to realise what the people who really do care for you see so plainly – that it’s not really love.

Your own path

This is one lesson you have to learn on your own. Everyone goes through it at some time, and your path is unique, created by your own personal karmic debts.
Although it can be a lonely place to be, the miracles that will happen when you take charge of your own destiny will amaze you.
Tackling your personal fears and negative patterns has the potential to completely re-wire your spiritual life path. It is also important to recognise the other person in the relationship as a powerful force in your life. They are teaching you a valuable lesson, one that could free you from an endless loop of negative behaviour.

Next time around

To break the pattern, one of you needs to evolve. But if that seems impossible at the moment, don’t be too hard on yourself. Though staying in an abusive relationship of any sort will erode your self-esteem, and drain your energy to deal with it at all. Speak out and get help if you can.
Karma can be painful – but as you learn more about your life, through both your wonderful and painful experiences, you will grow wiser and more whole, and the pain will ease.

Just being aware of the karmic nature of the partnership will lessen its power over you. And if things don’t get resolved, you can choose to put it back on the spiritual shelf for now. Of course this means you’ll have to go through it all again… but in another life, perhaps by then you’ll have accumulated enough good karma and positive energy to slay your demons once and for all!

Never again!

If you are feeling brave enough to take charge of your karmic debts in this life, you’re in for a soul-changing experience. Because once you assert yourself, or take charge of the situation in a conscious way, you’ll feel the burden slowly lift. Communicating your needs and wishes, not tolerating unkindness, sticking up for your opinions and beliefs, and most importantly, forgiving yourself, will melt those binding karmic ties into oblivion.
Once you have learned your lesson you will know in your heart that you will never have to deal with that particular piece of karma again. The person who had you spellbound will begin to look like an ordinary human being, and you’ll become master of your own destiny.

27 thoughts on “6 Keys To Karmic Relationships

  1. I’m going through this right now. My karmic relationship is with a man who is my best friend. I am too attached easily and he was the best boyfriend I ever had. Then the real him showed up. It’s hard for him to let go… of anyone he currently treats me so bad and I k k it’s a karmic relationship but it’s so intense so crazy so roller coaster now I’m realizing that it’s time. But he wont let go. Such a tortured soul he is my heart bleeds and aches for him. I’m scared to leave him alone for fear that no one can understand or love him like I. So it’s such a dilemma. My emotional happiness or his?

  2. I am finally starting to feel like myself again after the traumatic karmic bond I had with my ex Nathan. I have never felt such pain in my life, that man shook me to my core. Talk about a love hate, cognitive dissonance that I had for this man. I couldn’t stand him but I couldn’t stay away from him. I tried, and then he would come back, and I couldnt resist. I finally had the courage to completely block him, and he ended up moving. I still think about and feel him, I started to meditate and realized how much energy work I needed to do

  3. I’ve been on and off with a Gemini 3 times. As soon as I thought it was over for good, I found myself falling back in love with him, and the feelings were intense. Whenever Im with him I feel things differently, think differently and do things differently. I only realised this today after grounding myself to Earth. I do love him and the sex is breathtaking, but everything else is either overwelmingly blissful or extremely distructive. We are back together again for the 4th time. Its hard to make him realise that he is worthy, because currently he can’t see himself with anyone else and doesn’t want to even try being with anyone else. He does love me and I do love him but our view on love is vastly different. (Taurus and Gemini)

  4. The roller coaster of the on and off completely sucked. If I never have another relationship like this, it will be too soon. Though I broke it off 3 times (and was upset there was no 4th, which is ridiculous) the grip it had on me, the invisible pull, was so painful. I never understood why I had to go through it, I never saw my lesson and didn’t get why we couldn’t get the stupid things that don’t matter settled. Worst experience of my 40’s and I avoid anything to do with the man like the plague.

  5. I am currently letting go of my person, my karmic relationship. It has definitely been a ride. A beautiful ride. I was never mistreated, verbally or physically. We just have this connection. This love. It’s mind blowing. But it’s time. And the universe has helped me, and has given me the resources and tools ps to fully understand and let go. I am still in process, and it’s truly heart freak, for me. But I also have good days, and I can see that this is right. I know I will always love this man, and I am okay with always loving him, but it can’t be. I’m just excited to get where I need to be, and see what’s coming!

    1. I have the same experience. However struggling with accepting I might always love this person as I really dont want to. I can’t seem to let go. Would love to know how you are doing this

      1. Letting go C is very hard. What’s helped me is watching psychics on YouTube. Check DivineFsith Tarot and/or Brightstar Tarot. Faith describes karmic stuff well. You’ll have to blice, delete and stay away.

  6. I have a karmic relationship with someone I barely know. A potential lover. Someone who feels like home to me, but who remains just out of reach. I go through a myriad of emotions for this person, fully aware of my tendency to fantasize about this person. At first wanted sex. Then intimate relationship. Then friendship. Mind you this is all my internal process. He has no idea. I feel bad about myself like I am not good enough to be with this person. I am unworthy blah blah blah. So much stuff comes up for me to analyze as I reflect off this person. So weird. I def relate to the habitual patterning mentioned in this article. The Habitual self loathing or lack of self love. It is very uncomfortable, these lessons. I don’t know how to change. Thanks for the article. It has def shed some light into darkness.

  7. If this is our own karmic lesson from a past-life or this current life, and we deal with it graciously then the karma should be resolved. But, my question is does the other person get karmic debt for what they are doing to us?

    1. I truly believe that we ourselves asked these souls to help us learn something that we need to learn in this life before we incarnated in our physical bodies. It’s actually not something bad that they do to us. It’s a great gift although it doesn’t seem that way if you’re still going through it.
      I know I am. It’s incredibly intense and painfull. But of course it is and it has to be. Othervise it wouldn’t catch our attention and we wouldn’t learn anything.
      As @Virginia (Ginny) Reese wrote It’s not just them It is you as well. Maybe in your last life you were in opposite sides of this situation.

      Well here’s how I truly believe it happens.

  8. I have experienced this…And someone who is very special to me. Is going through this now.you can break free of this relationships..It can be a very difficult and sometimes long process. Going through physical, mental &verbal abuse..Is very draining, tiring on the soul. Once you truly see. That person, for who he or she is. It’s like awaking from a deep sleep…You have to find, the strength within. To overcome, it. Out of Chaos. Comes order.
    We are here to learn and expand our consciousness. Anything else is secondary. Peace, Love & Light to everyone…;)

  9. I believe I just finished this relationship. When you meet this person it feels like their is a soul connection. You will feel it. They will display an odd array of behavior. Behavior that does not mesh with yours. You will love them but not as easy as other relationships. It may be a tug of war between you. One may love the other more. When you finally see the reality of the situation it will hurt you and it may take more than once to finally be done but it’s worth it when you Know and understand its not meant to last. My relationship was messhed with intense feelings from the get go. A up and down pattern.

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