A special message for you if you are single at Christmas

What psychic tips for being single at Xmas

Along with my Christmas survival guide, I wanted to send out a special message to you if you are single at Christmas.

Christmas is one of those times that can turn up the volume of our emotions.  That’s great if we’re feeling happy, excited and loved up, but not so great if we are single and feeling alone in the world.

As always, being single isn’t in itself the problem.  It’s the way we think about it.  That’s not necessarily easy when we are up against stereotypes of lonely singles lurking around in the shadows of happily snuggled up couples and close knit families, but the thing about stereotypes is that they really don’t reflect reality.

The statistical fact is that, if you are single, you are definitely not alone.  There are millions of single people across the UK, and indeed across the world.

Nor does single automatically mean that you are lonely.  As a single friend of mine always says, ‘Yes, you sometimes feel alone.  But not half as alone as you can feel in a bad relationship’.

If you want to connect with others around this time, there is always a way.  Do a bit of volunteering for a cause that’s close to your soul or even arrange a singles get together.

Her suggestion is that there are actually a few advantages that you can really work about being single.  Like, a far greater degree of freedom in being able to create the day you want.

‘Actually, I always used to put myself on the Christmas rota in jobs where everyone else was desperate to get the day off,’  she said.  ‘I had some great times working the Christmas shifts in restaurants and even as a hospital cleaner.  Wherever you are, there’s usually a lovely atmosphere at this time of year.’

Along with that, she says singles have a lot more ability to pick and mix from traditions that they want to observe and those they can release.  ‘If I want to have spaghetti bolognaise and ice cream for lunch,’ she explains, ‘there’s no one saying, but where’s the turkey?’

You can really go to town in creating a nurturing day of celebration in your own style, whether it’s immersing yourself in an entire box set of your favourite series whilst munching through mince pies or going for a bracing winter walk followed by a warm bath and a hot chocolate.

Or you can feed your soul by reading spiritual books, do something creative, or even spend an entire day reading through all of the articles on this site and then diving over onto Inspire Your Soul to watch films on all things spiritual.

Whatever you do, I hope that you find the path to peace and harmony and I wish you all good things with all the love in my heart.  It would be fabulous if all of you singles out there posted comments about how you’re going to spend the day to connect with and even inspire others who read this.

Loads of love,

Michele x