The True Magic Of Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day on February 14th has a mixed and fascinating heritage. The month of February actually takes its name from Februa, an ancient spring cleansing ritual held on the 15th of the month. In Pre-Roman times, this melded into the festival of Lupercalia, held to send away evil spirits and enhance health and fertility.

Over the years, it has changed to become a modern day celebration of love   – a day when secret desires can be revealed through the sending of mystery cards and gifts, or a day when lovers relish in their connection. But it can also lead to disappointment and some say is just a cynical commercial venture. I think it’s time we reclaimed the original magic and made the most of this fabulous festival.  So how can you make the most of the magic of the day?

Avoid expectations! Remember, it’s only a day. If you’re single, spoil yourself and treat yourself to a blissful day doing all of your favourite things.

Single or taken, writing yourself a love letter is an incredibly powerful technique to make a commitment to you and to KNOW you are lovable. It can have an incredible impact not only on your sense of self but also can catapult you into a new love space and clear away any unconscious blocks to love. Go on – try it, no one will know! This is a magnificent healing tool.

If your partner is not romantic, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that they will have a magical personality makeover. Some people find Valentines just a commercial event and don’t like to be made to feel romantic on command of a day! Try and make some special time before or after Valentines. Who said there needs to be any hard and fast rules?

Taking a leaf out of Lupercalia, make this a day where you have a salt water and rose bath and visualise all of your past emotional history and baggage being purified and cleared. Love you, love life and know that you are loved, lovable and worthy of love! Make this a day to show yourself how much you love yourself.

So much love to you

Michele x

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