Soul Power Ritual: Clearing the ex for new love.

Seeking love but feeling blocked? Aside from getting very clear about the type of person you want to attract and what qualities are important to you, one of the most effective ways to clear the way for love to enter your life is to ensure that all your ‘loose ends’ from the past have been tied up and that there is no unfinished business between you and an ex to get in the way.

There’s a simple ritual to do this. You will need a candle – either red for passion or green as green is the colour of the goddess Venus who rules our love life. You will also need a pen and some note paper and a fireproof dish or brazier (a heavy duty cooking pot will do). Also, photographs of your ex(es) if you have them. You can also put on some ambient music and arrange your candle, brazier and photos on a piece of cloth if you like. As with all rituals, ensure your phone is unplugged or switched off and that you won’t be disturbed.

When you are ready, take the photograph of your most recent ex or if you don’t have one, just write down their name. Now, write down 10 things that you learned from them or that you were grateful for during your relationship. It doesn’t matter how the relationship ended and even if the connection turned out to be toxic, chances are this was a powerful learning experience for you. So, you can still frame it in a positive way: ‘I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to value myself more’ would be one example. Or: ‘I am grateful to you for allowing me to understand my needs in a relationship so much better’. When you have written down your 10 ‘gratitude statements’ then move on to your next ex (if you have one!). Repeat the process until you have made a list of the 10 soul learning opportunities each relationship gave you.

When you have finished, place your pages into the brazier and set them alight. As you watch them burn, reflect on how much you have learned and how far you have come.

See every relationship for what it truly was – the soul growth opportunity that was designed to bring you one step closer to the perfect love for you and without which, you would be unable to appreciate or even connect with the person when they did turn up! So, you can now re-frame all your past connections and at the same time, sever any lingering ties, hurts, resentment, regret or pain that may be keeping you in the past and preventing you from receiving the love you desire in the present.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful manifestation rituals we can practice. This exercise combines gratitude for our soul development with closure – clearing the way for new love to find you in 2015.

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