Jacky Newcomb October Column: Angel Meditation

Hi everyone,

Some of the more dramatic angel experiences that people share with me occur during times of great trauma, fear, accidents and illness. I’ve discovered that the more heightened the feelings at the time of the angelic request, the more impressive the response from our angel friends.

You know, it’s not that they are more likely to appear if we stamp our feet and have a tantrum but I do believe that when we’re more emotional we are also more psychically aware! There is a simple way to re-create this psychic-state and that’s to communicate with your angels using meditation. Meditation puts your mind in the perfect ‘place’ to receive angelic contact. Here are a few suggestions on how to do this for yourself:


1. Prepare the space – find a quiet comfortable room, one where you feel safe.

 2. Remove distractions – make sure someone takes the dog for a walk, the cats are safely out of the way and the phone is unplugged

 3. Create ambience – play gentle relaxing ‘angelic’ music in the background and light a single candle (tea lights/night lights are the safest – place in a glass jar holder away from where you’re sitting.

 4. Wear suitable clothing – soft fabrics like track-suits or even pyjamas will make you feel most comfortable. Socks will keep your feet warm and a soft blanket may be useful

 5. Get comfortable – sit with your back straight on the floor (on a cushion maybe) or try a straight backed chair

 6. Meditate – close your eyes and relax. Let your mind drift off to the music. Take yourself to a special place in your mind like a garden or a beach. Ask your guardian angel to meet you there. Let whatever happens, happen – know you will be safe and loved at all times. At any time you can open your eyes and return to the room if you don’t feel comfortable.

 7. If you prefer, use a guided meditation recording (lots of people have created these and a quick internet search will be useful to find what’s available). I’ve also created a couple of my own guided meditation CD’s; visit my website for more information www.AngelLady.co.uk

 8. Record any information that you recall during your meditation. Try and meditate several times a week if you can – you’ll get better!

Here are a couple of your questions for this month:-

Q. I am very interested in Angels and Spirit Guides. My confusion is that if we all have a Guardian Angel, why do some people still come to harm? What has happened to their Guardian Angel? Can your Guardian Angel abandon you? The same with Spirit guides: why do so many people seem to make bad judgements in their lives if they are supposed to have a Spirit guide watching over them or guiding them? I would be grateful if you could help clear up my confusion.

A. I know it sounds scary but there is rarely such thing as ‘wrong’. We come to earth to learn lessons for growth of the human soul and the experiences we go through (which we call good and bad) are just that, experiences. We often grow the most when we go through the more challenging of times in our lives. When things go wrong they literally are opportunities in disguise. For example, you lose your job and as a consequence risk losing your house. Yet this is the very thing you needed to make you start that new business you’ve been on about for years – now you have to make it work and probably do! We have control over our decisions – it’s why we’re here.

Q. I recently had my reiki 1 attunement and wanted to know which angel was working with me or indeed the name of my angels so I asked for a name just before going to sleep the other night and since then I keep getting the name Uriel do you think the angels heard me and this is the name they have given me?

A. I’m sure you’re right! The Archangel Raphael is the healing angel and many people call upon him when they work with Reiki Healing (as I do myself). However, nothing is set in stone and if you hear other angel names then work with these too – this might change each time you work or the same angels may come to you each time. Trust your instincts.

See you next month!


About Jacky Newcomb – ‘The Angel Lady’

Jacky Newcomb is the multi-award winning, Sunday Times best-selling author of 11 books on paranormal themes and specialist in angel and afterlife experiences. She has appeared on This Morning, The Lorraine Kelly Show and many others, working alongside people such as Gloria Hunniford and Myleene Klass. Jacky has sold over half a million copies of her books which are translated into many different languages and published all over the world.

Jacky is a regular in the national press (including The Daily Express and The Daily Mail) and is often interviewed on radio stations up and down the country. She has been voted ‘Favourite Spiritual Author’ and ‘Favourite Angel Expert’ (Soul & Spirit Magazine) as well as ‘Best UK Author’ and ‘Favourite Spiritual Book’ (Spiritual ConneXtions Acknowledgment Awards). For more information about Jacky and her work visit http://www.angellady.co.uk/

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