Shaman Jon Rasmussen talks about destiny, prophecy and awakening

Jon Rasmussen is a shaman. I met him whilst filming in California’s Big Sur, following an astonishing string of synchronicities that diverted me from my original plans and right to where I needed to go.  The whole experience of how I got to meet him and the time I spent with him was truly magical and affirming of the incredible power of the universe.

Jon is truly one of the most amazing and authentic people I have ever met.  He is a walking testament to the power we evoke when we tap into what makes us unique.  His work draws on the magic we harness when we embrace our true selves.

In the film you can watch below, Jon shares what a Shaman is in part 1 of a set of films to empower and enlighten you.

Jon going to become a regular contributor to this site and will share his extraordinary wisdom with us.   This film is the perfect introduction to him and his work.  Watch this space for more good things to come!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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