The True Power of a Psychic Reading

Shaman Jon Rasmussen

The Power of a Psychic Reading

A psychic reading can be life-transforming in many ways. Here Shaman Jon Rasmussen explains how we can use the information we are given in a reading to transform our future.

When we have a reading – whether it is with a psychic, tarot reader or astrologer – or a multi-talented reader who specialises in several areas of divination, these are shamans who specialise in ‘tracking’.  What is energy tracking? It’s the ability to divine and define our personal energy signal via the medium (cards, clairvoyance, astrology etc) used and through this understand the experiences you are attracting into your life.

Think of yourself as an energy transmitter resonating at a certain frequency. Your ‘frequency’ which is what a reader tunes into, dictates what kind of people and experiences you will attract. Readings are therefore based on the ‘frequency’ you are projecting at the time of the reading and what is likely to occur if you continue to ‘broadcast’ at that frequency.

What we like to do after you have your reading, is to do something that supports or changes it. How can we do this? The universe is comprised of energy and energy is generated by action. Of course, we have to ensure our actions do not infringe on anyone’s free will, so our actions must be creative and support that.

Cultures such as the Native Americans for example, understood that you could either draw a positive experience to you more quickly, or avoid or change a negative one, by creating a representation of that experience through art, drawing or objects. We can create an altar or a picture, from objects such as crystals, stones, pictures from magazines, photographs, feathers, shells, leaves or natural objects – anything that symbolises what the reading revealed your energy is drawing to you. You can even create your version of a medicine wheel or Navajo sand painting – a picture on the ground of what it is you want to change from the reading. It doesn’t have to be super-realistic – what matters is the energy you are putting into it. The only limit is your imagination. Then – you can move that around – or even burn or bury a piece of it if it represents something you want to let go of. The act of doing this puts the universe on notice that you are transmitting on a ‘higher’ frequency – therefore speeding up the process for you.

Many cultures enhance these rituals with chanting. For example, in Vedic astrology for example, they have certain chants that can mitigate or enhance the influence of a particular planets transit.

This is all a way of engaging in the shamanic practice of your reading in its entirety – of making it ‘live’ for you and being able to bring about the changes you want  to make in a very powerful way.

This is not only a way to enhance your psychic reading, but enables you to live in your power and understand your place as the creator in your own life experience as you see the results of you changing your energy in this way.

The true value of a reading is to enable you to understand the energy you are emitting now and what that is attracting to you. Our actions in the present are what define our future and those actions are linked to our energy. By transforming that energy, by ‘resonating’ on a different level, we can live in our power and literally transform our reality.



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