Spirit Guides – Make The Most Of Your Own Spiritual Google

Spirit guides – How to make the most of your own spiritual google!

What is the best way to work with your Spirit Guide? It can be bewildering when you first meet your guide and even further into the relationship it can be confusing. What to ask and how best to use your own personal spiritual google? Guides are full of knowledge and their job is to awaken us to ours! Here are a few tips to help enhance your experience.


Your guides are here to work for your highest good.  In a way, they can be coaches in your soul’s journey through this incarnation.  The concerns of the soul are often very different from what you might think is important.  To begin with, your soul is eternal, so it’s not really in a rush to get anything done or have a particular experience, whereas we tend to think of deadlines and time running out because we know that down here we don’t have an infinite amount of time.  Along with that, our souls see the bigger picture.  We might be devastated at the end of a relationship, but our soul knows that we had the experiences we needed to help us grow and the person left at the perfect or even pre-agreed time.

At any one time when we are tearing our hair out, our soul knows it’s all good.  So it’s best to consult guides on matters of the soul rather than daily decisions or what’s going to happen next.  They may deliver that kind of information.  One of my guides told me that I would have a son and it would be a good thing, and that’s exactly what happened.  But that’s the only ‘predictive’ piece of information I was given.


Your guides aren’t there to do your journey for you.  This kind of follows on from the above, but it’s worth spelling out that they aren’t a kind of holographic oracle system, there to ask whether you’ll get that job or whether you should move to Wales or Cornwall.  Never hand over your power to anyone or anything.  Always be clear that it’s you making your own decisions throughout your life.


Your guide probably matches your vibration. The more you evolve spiritually, the more evolved your guide and information. Some people say it can also be someone you were close to in a past life. That’s also worth bearing in mind in case you are tempted to start consulting them on a daily basis.  There’s a great saying, ‘Just because they are dead, it doesn’t mean to say that they are smarter than us’.


Again, this follows on, but stay conscious within your relationship with them. Keep a journal of what they say.  It’s all part and parcel of their role being to work for your good, but you need to track over time whether your connection with them is helpful and supportive.  Of course, if they ever suggest you do anything harmful to yourself and others, that is not a spirit guide but some other influence. If anything tells you to harm yourself it is important to speak to a doctor.

Some people say that spirit guides are the souls of those who have passed over.  Some people call upon Angels or other divine messenger beings or energies.  Others believe that we are tapping into our higher selves, a part of us who is a lot wiser but that can get drowned out by our everyday mind.  Given that we live in a quantum universe, it may be that our guides are our future selves, returning through the quantum soup to connect with us in the present.

Next I’ll talk about the different kinds of guides that you might meet on your meditations. What are your tips and stories about your spirit guides? I would love to hear them.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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  1. I’ve had my spirit guide (my grandmother) around for a long time. She usually shows and speaks clearly when I am in danger. The first example was parking my car in a bad location….she told me” it was too late and I needed to go now”. Someone had been watching and broke into the car, damaged but not stolen…I don’t know what may have happened otherwise. I seem to have many guides.

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