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You probably already know a fair bit about spirit guides. Even if you’ve not yet begun the process of connecting to yours, most of us at some time or another have felt that someone has been ‘looking out for us’ on some level. Perhaps you felt someone was literally ‘speaking to you’ – urging you to go down a certain path or make a certain decision. Or you might have felt a presence on occasion that was there to reassure and guide you. The fact is we all have spirit guides whether we are aware of them or not and they are literally the ultimate spiritual entourage or resource that accompanies us through this life.

Spirit guides come in many forms. They may be a deceased relative, someone you have known in a past life, the spirit of someone who has accumulated a lot of wisdom over many lifetimes or even an animal or a being from another dimension! No matter what form they take, they are here to work with us to discover our soul path and to evolve spiritually. Some guides may have very specific roles in your life, while others may just be there to provide love and support. The main thing to remember is that we are never going through life alone. Our guides are always there with us. In the film “What dreams may come” with the late Robin Williams we are shown a guide who appears as someone but is really someone else. Our guides show up as what we expect which is why so many people have Native American guides, it can be symbolic of the energy.

I will never forget the amazing sense of connection and empowerment I felt when I first connected to one of my spirit guides. The huge cave woman in front of me felt thousands of years old and exuded a profound feeling of ancient wisdom and above all – feminine power. I felt awe just to be in her presence but at the same time the overwhelming feeling of love. Although she didn’t utter a single word to me, I could feel a deep connection to her. She did laugh however and the sound of her laugher reverberated deep in my soul and seemed to me to be the wisest and most loving thing I’d ever heard! I don’t know if she was a wise woman, a shaman or ancient priestess, one of my ancestors, a representation of the divine feminine or even me in a past life, but I do know that the feeling of understanding, all-encompassing love and acceptance I felt from her, as well as a deep sense of power and peace, made me realise I have always been guided and protected by her – even when I didn’t realise it!

If you’ve not connected with any of your guides yet, the first thing you need to do before starting is to let go of any preconceptions about who or even what your guide will be. Many people have Native American guides, other people angelic beings; some people discover their guide is from an ancient civilisation such as Egypt or even Atlantis, while many, many guides are in fact ordinary people who have passed over but whose job it now is to offer support to us in-between their own incarnations. Bear in mind that there’s no hierarchy of guides – having a Native American spirit guide isn’t ‘better’ than discovering your guide was a sailor or a shop assistant in their past life. The important thing is to understand your guide has wisdom to give you and to be open to connecting with the guide that is right for you at this moment in time.

When you are ready, set aside some time and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off or unplug your phone. Sit somewhere comfortable but don’t lie down otherwise you might fall asleep. Close your eyes, take few deep breaths and as you breathe out imagine you are not only relaxing your body but ready to meet with the guide who has the most to teach you right now.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful outdoor surrounding – this can be anywhere from a lovely garden, to a beach, forest or by a lake, river or stream. This can even be somewhere familiar to you where you feel at peace and at one with nature. Feel the Sun on your skin, the breeze and hear the lap of the waves on the shore or the sound of wind in the trees. This is a place of perfect serenity. Now, ask your spirit guide to join you here today.

Watch as your guide approaches. Are they male or female? Old or young? How are they dressed? Are they even human? Be open as to what your guide will look like but know that this guide is the one who is the most appropriate guide for where you are in your life right now. Talk to your guide and ask them any questions you might have. Do they speak or are you answered telepathically? You can ask them questions about who they were and also what advice they have for you. Think of your guide as your soul life coach – here to help us fulfil our purpose for being here. But also bear in mind that issues we consider to be important – such as will a relationship work out for us, are often not important to our guides and neither will they answer them as they are concerned with the soul which often has a different agenda. The best kinds of questions for guides are always ‘What do I need to know?’ and ‘Am I fulfilling my soul purpose?’

When you are finished, thank your guide not just for joining you today, but for their continued support and presence on your journey and say goodbye. Feel yourself slowly returning to the room and open your eyes. Write down as much information as you can while it is still fresh in your mind.

Now you have seen your spirit guide in person, this can help you forge a stronger relationship with them. They are a touchstone, a soul resource for us and always with us, no matter what we do or where we go!

Michele’s Word:

Remember: Your guides are not there to live your life for you or to make your decisions. Your journey is yours and yours alone. Hence the term ‘guide’. They are there to advise you on matters of the soul – not what you should do next as in ‘Should  apply for that job or this one?’ or to ask them about your future. However, sometimes they may volunteer this information without you asking.  A guide is there to connect us to love and our higher good. If a guide ever tells you to do something that might harm you or others, you need to consult a doctor or medical professional.

First published in Soul and Spirit magazine

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