Urban Shaman: Discover Your Animal Spirit Guide

Animal spirit guides

You don’t have to live in the wilderness or even the country to tap into the power of native shamanism. City dwellers or anyone who leads a busy life often mistakenly think that this kind of wisdom is either inaccessible or simply not relevant. But just as we have spirit guides no matter where or how we live, we also have an animal spirit guide whose wisdom we can connect to and call upon.

You may already be connected to your animal spirit guide even without realising it. First take a look around your home. Are there multiple ornaments, pictures or even books (fiction and/or non-fiction) that feature a particular animal? If so, this is a sign that animal’s spirit is ‘talking’ to you!

Even if you have never had a pet, was there an animal you were ‘drawn’ to as a child? This can be a wild or a domestic animal. Perhaps you drew it in pictures a lot or were just fascinated by it. Recall how this animal made you feel. Chances are this animal is your animal guide.

fox animal spirit guide

If you live in an urban area, you are still surrounded by nature and animals. People have pets and birds, insects and even wildlife have adapted and made the city their home. Connecting to nature spirits does not mean you have to live in the country.

If you are still unsure about the identity of your animal spirit guide, then try a simple meditation. You can do this indoors – or in a park but make sure you won’t be disturbed and that your phone is switched off.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax yourself. Imagine yourself in a beautiful, unspoilt, natural place. This can be a garden, a forest, the beach, the mountains, a river or lake, the African savannah – any place you feel drawn to.

As you walk in your wild place, take note of the sounds of nature that you hear – the wind, the sound of the waves or water, birdsong, anything. Are you drawn towards one in particular? If so follow it. If no animal is immediately visible don’t panic.

Make note of what’s happening in your immediate environment. Are there birds, insects or can you glimpse fish in a nearby lake or river? Relax and your animal spirit guide will eventually make itself known.

You can ask it what messages it has for you and take note of the impressions you receive. Thank it when you leave and walk back the way you came. Now open your eyes. When you return you might also like to do some reading about your animal guide – its habitat, habits and how it lives as these very often tend to mirror our own themes.

spirit guide hedgehog

Remember, each animal spirit has its own unique power and energy to give you. It is yours and yours alone. You cannot compare animal spirit guides any more than you can compare ordinary spirit guides or even people. You cannot say one is ‘better’ than the other as all have their gifts. Not everyone’s power animal will be say a wolf, a tiger or an eagle.

Keep an open mind when you take your journey to meet your animal spirit guide. Some people’s animal spirit guides have turned out to be insects such as butterflies, ants or bees. They all have something to teach us – butterflies about transformation, ants about the strength of numbers and cooperation and without bees all life on earth would cease to exist.

Don’t judge your animal spirit guide by its size. You can call upon the power of your animal spirit guide whenever you require guidance and set free the intuitive power of the wild within you!

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