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Aries – The knight of cups

I come with optimistic new this week Aries, I hope you receive some good news that you’ve been waiting to hear about.  You’re likely to be feeling open hearted, charged up and ready for action to deal with whatever crosses your path! Wooo!  Career or a creative project you’ve been working on are likely to move forward with positive momentum.  You’ll likely be feeling fab about your accomplishments and achievements! Get the champagne!! haha.  Single?  Somebody gorgeous could sweep you off your feet in a lush way this week.  Taken?  You’ll probably want to express your inner most feelings and declare your love to your bae…smooching and snuggles, you’re ready to take your relationship to another level!

Taurus – The ten of pentacles

Your material wishes are met this week Taurus, perhaps more than you think possible.  You have a great deal to be thankful for and you’re reaping the rewards from all of your relationships.  When you count your blessings you’ll find that you have much more to count.  You’ve been working incredibly hard and hopefully, you’re starting to feel the security, abundance and lasting happiness that comes from living your life fully and passionately.  You’re realising that you are not finished in designing your life yet and you’re looking for new and better ways to secure your future.  A promotion or a raise at work could come to you this week, if you’re looking for a new role this is a positive omen that you’re likely to find something that suits you down to the ground.

Gemini – The seven of pentacles

You may have a difficult decision to make this week Gemini, that requires patience and commitment from you.  You’re being offered something different and this could have wondering if it is time to stay on the tried and tested path or venture in a completely different or new direction.  You can decide to stay where you are on the path you’re already on knowing that it is safe, or you can go in a new direction and therefore open yourself up to life!  This choice might be nerve racking for you because you don’t know the outcome but if you ignore this new possibility you could be ignoring divine intervention.  Maybe take some time out this week to consider things or you could become frustrated in not knowing where to channel your energy.  It may be wise to consider the implications of developing your own potential and ask yourself what do YOU really want.

Cancer – The king of cups

You are supported by the universe, in ways seen and unseen this week Cancer. There is an element of pure and true love in your life no matter what your situation is.  Nurture yourself, and please allow others to nurture you!  I know you’re a giver Cancer which is so beautiful but you need to allow others to give to you too!  This week you’ll likely find receiving love, kindness and support much easier.  You’ll probably find that other’s in your life are “on your team” making life flow smoothly and sweeter.  Don’t hesitate to ask for support if you need it and you’ll find other’s happy to help you out. If you’re coupled, this week looks promising for a soothing and supportive union with your bae.   If you’re single at the mo, keep loving yourself and someone who is very balanced and loving maybe heading your way soon.

Leo – Temperance

This week is all about balance Leo, relationships of all kinds are on your to do list for improvement.  Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships all need your attention.  You may be quite the alchemist mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you.  Although, all your relationships are likely to be going quite well for you, you may just want to look at your deeper personal issues and see if these could be standing in your way. And if they are, you’ll find ways to work through them and integrate them.  You’re passionate about finding balance this week, in you, your relationships, and with your goals and dreams.  You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but remember you need to have peace within yourself first.

Virgo – The ace of wands

There’s new beginnings this week Virgo, hopefully very positive ones.  If you’ve been having a difficult time at work or on a project expect things to be getting much better very soon!  You could be feeling more upbeat, optimistic, and hopeful about your future, yeay!  You’re likely to be feeling quite energetic and positive, or you will be feeling that way very soon!  This is good time to start something new. What will you begin this week?  If you are looking for a new position then something new and very positive is likely on its way to you soon.  “Fortune favours the bold!”  Be bold and ask for what you need or want. Express yourself, you’re likely to be more successful this week than you’d dream possible.  Woo hoo!!

Libra – The six of cups

You’re looking back this week with nostalgia Libra.  Mercury retrograde has us all looking back for treasures of our past but you could be looking back on how things “used” to be with a fine-tooth comb in your heart.  It’s nice to think about the “good old days” as we all have happy memories to reflect on from time to time, but if you’re thinking that all of your best years have happened then this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  It’s good to look back the past sometimes but remember that you’re not going that way, you’re moving towards the future!  This is a brilliant time this week for creativity, perhaps spending a little time drawing, painting, writing, or scrapbooking will bring you flashes on insight of how to move forward.  If you’re in a relationship you may need to turn your focus towards the future, share your goals, dreams and talk about where you want things to be heading.  Maybe try some new things, try not to get stuck in the past.  If you’re single, an old lover from the past could make a re-appearance, think carefully about reigniting an old connection remember that exes are usually “exes” for a reason.

Scorpio – The eight of swords

You may be holding yourself back this week Scorpio, perhaps you fear moving into the future, or you are fearful of getting hurt by a new situation.  Try to think about what it is that you’re afraid of, by doing that you’ll see that often the truth of the situations is much less frightening than your mind is making it out to be.  Try not to fear the unknown and trust that there are many blessings on their way to you, worrying doesn’t get you anywhere it’ll just leave you feeling worse, new situations can be nerve racking but trusting that things will work out helps to create the outcomes that you hope for.  If you’re loved up, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship and look for new things to do together. If you’re searching for love, you need to look at how well you’re loving YOU. Somebody else can only love you as much as you love and value yourself.  If you need direction this week, ask spirit/the universe for signs and signals, you have all the answers that you need inside you.

Sagittarius – The two of pentacles

It’s all about balance for you this week Sagittarius!  You’re likely to be positively trying to keep two areas of your life in balance, it could be love and work or money and health for example.  You may need reorganise things so that you’re not paying attention to so many things at once. Multi-tasking is not your friend this week, you need to cut down on some things you are doing so that you can focus on your two main priorities.  At work or a project, you’re working on, you may benefit from taking a risk, sharing your ideas or giving them a go could go down beautifully for you.  If you’re in relationship, you and your Mr/Mrs lover lover may be having problems finding the energy and time for each other, be sure that your relationship is high on your priority list for optimal happiness this week.  If you’re looking for love, maybe it’s wise to ask yourself if you’re ready for a relationship?  You don’t have to be perfect honey, but you do have to be prepared to create the energy, space and time for romance.

Capricorn – Strength

You’ll be learning the importance of mind over matter this week Capricorn.  Remember that what you focus on can be manifested and created, so be sure to pay attention to what you do want rather than what you don’t want in your life.  You’ll likely be able to harness your thoughts this week and use them for the highest good.   You can conquer your fears and control your impulses, as long as you have patience with yourself.  Outward things will probably be less important to you as you’ll be more interested in keeping your inner world strong and together.  You may have more options available to you than you think possible, by being resourceful and drawing inspiration and guidance from within you get to experience the confidence that comes from being responsible and self-reliant, by the end of the week you’ll likely be feeling incredibly strong and courageous.  Whether you’re in a relationship or single you have the opportunity to be in a self-confident and self-belief phase, so go out and socialise, you might be very happily surprised by how things work out for you!

Aquarius – The queen of cups

You’re getting in touch with the unfathomable depths of your feelings this week Aquarius.  Female’s in your life are incredibly supportive of you and are “in your corner,” although I must mention that you’re rallying this tribe around you because you’ve been treating yourself with love and compassion.  Hopefully you know that, no matter who you are, you are worthy of love and respect. You’re likely to bring love and compassion to your work, by thinking positively.  If you’re loved up and in a relationship, you’re probably feeling good and have very positive outlook about your relationship. If you are single, you could benefit from going out and mingling in environments you feel good in as a new, very positive, romance may be on the horizon for you.  Remember to keep your balance by checking in with your feelings, if it feels good it’s a positive indicator for you.

Pisces – The king of cups

There’s a very forceful energy for you this week Pisces, you’re likely to be feeling determined to get things done in an ordered and organised way.  You may benefit from taking time to face the reality and fully understand your goals, plans and finances.  I’m sure you know now that hiding from them won’t solve anything.  You may feel the need to be generous toward others this week and the rewards you could reap will be more than worth it.  You could benefit from a set of spiritual beliefs, but for you this week, they have to make sense to you mentally as well as emotionally.  You can deepen your spiritual awareness by actively seeking out new sources of information. Try something new this week and could be pleasantly surprised!  Remember to protect yourself by imagining yourself in white or golden light and consider the feelings of others before you act.


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